Stalin Lives: the American Left

They rejoice when people who have disagreed with them are murdered, or overwhelmed by a natural disaster. They mock our pain. Innocent people are slaughtered while attending church, and the leftids all proclaim it just goes to prove the futility of prayer, ha-ha.

Now they’re biting at the ankles of Judge Roy Moore because he has been accused of an incident of sexual misconduct in… 1979! Which has only become a problem 38 years later! But Judge Moore is a Christian running for a seat in the U.S. Senate, and the Swamp wants him kept out.

Moral outrage displayed by persons who every day declare morality outdated, bourgeois, a tool of oppression, white privilege, and altogether bad–aren’t these the same people who declare there should be no such thing as a forbidden sex act? Isn’t that what so many of their movies and TV shows are about? I mean, moral outrage pouring out of Hollywood? And they expect us to believe it’s genuine?

Meanwhile, they tell us that every wrong thing ever done by Bill or Hillary Clinton is “in the past” and “we have to move on,” even if “the past” was just a year or two ago.

But we already know, by the way they proudly and publicly mock our religion and proclaim their disbelief in God, that they hate us who belong to God, that they wish us ill, that they hunger for revenge against us for not obeying them, The Smartest People in the World, or believing all their slop about Global Warming and Social Justice and Being a Citizen of the World and All Religions are False But They’re All Nice Except for Christianity… and so on.

Why should we ever believe a single word they say–much less ever permit them, ever again, to take power in our country?

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  1. I consider myself to be on the “Left” on many issues. But I’m none of the things you mentioned, and neither are most of my liberal friends. I dislike Stalin, I’m not an atheist, I don’t “mock” Christianity (just certain Christians), I don’t know who Judge Roy Moore is, I don’t mock anyone’s pain, I don’t believe prayer is futile, I don’t declare morality “outdated” or “bourgeois” or etc. etc.

    I also have Christian friends, some of them conservative Christians. But your spiteful, vindictive, accusatory post just proves how hypocritical SOME Christians are, and helps to smear an otherwise beautiful faith.

    Thanks for listening.

    1. Thank you for your comments grenepete58. I don’t believe Lee was intending to be spiteful here. Perhaps he was over-generalizing, but it is an accurate description specifically of the far (radical) Left. Once they were on the fringe, but now they have gone mainstream. I appreciate your positive views on Christianity and Conservatives, but from what I have seen they don’t seem to be the dominate views of the Democratic party anymore. You seem to be the rare breed of JFK era liberals who still loved this country, believed in Christianity, and fought against Communists. I certainly wish there were more on the Left like you around.

    2. I do think it’s asking too much of us not to get angry when Hollywood leftids and prominent Democrats play the “serves ’em right!” card after a tragedy like that church shooting. And they wouldn’t be playing it if they weren’t sure their supporters, the vast majority of liberals, were with them all the way.

    3. If there are a lot of Democrats in disagreement with what is happening within their party, they need to stand for what THEY believe and not allow the Extreme Left to hijack their cause.

      I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, I do not feel that either party represents my philosophies. I tend to find the Republicans more palatable of the two major parties, but I also feel,that they have not done such a great job of living up to their legacy as the successors to Lincoln’s approach.

      My greatest thought on government is that there needs to be less of it. However, this places greater responsibility on each and every individual to govern their own actions on an ongoing basis. As a society, we’ve expended great effort in providing for people whom refuse to take responsibility for themselves and the decline of the US over the last fifty years or so bears strong testimony to the efficacy of such policies.

      If I could wish anything for every person in this country, it would be for them to have both opportunity and the freedom to pursue the opportunities which they choose to pursue. The best solution for everyone is a solution which allows them to use their inborn abilities to their best advantage. At the end of the day, seeing reults for one’s efforts is a wonderful gift.

      That having been said, how can screaming at the sky or taking joy in the suffering of others possibly help anyone? Hateful comments because someone advocates prayer strike me as particularly pointless. Suppose for the moment that prayer is meaningless, what purpose is served in ridiculing someone that believes differently?

      When someone publishes such comments they are showing us something about their core character and it’s not something good. In my opinion, the veneer of nicety claimed by the Far Left is wearing quite thin. They seem to be revealing a core of selfishness and hatred which belies any claim they may make about wanting to improve society.

      One last thought comes to mind, which may be somewhat tangential to the comments above, but I still feel it has a place in this discussion. As I write, Hollywood seems to be all but collapsing into an unfolding sex scandal. Actor Corey Feldman has made a formal complaint regarding alleged sex crimes against him when he was below the age of majority. The allegation is that there has been a pattern of pedophilia in the entertainment industry. If these allegations are established to be true, the ramifications could be vast. To quote Zero Hedge: “Combined with the Weinstein accusations and a whole host of new allegations of treacherous behavior that spring up daily, Hollywood seems to be growing very close to its inevitable end game: complete self-destruction.”

      I would not be surprised to learn that this problem extends far beyond Hollywood.

    4. Watchman: yes, the individual was over-generalizing. But if you don’t feel this post was “spiteful,” we have differing definitions of that word. Second, your very unscientific assumption that this post is an “accurate description” of now-mainstream Leftists, and that I’m a “rare breed,” is patently absurd.

      I usually don’t respond to this Facebook-styled ridiculousness, which is unusual on a (generally) more intelligent forum like WordPress. Probably shouldn’t have done so here, as well.

    5. greenpete58, I was actually trying to compliment you. I’m not sure why you took my comments in such a derogatory manner. I never claimed I was being “scientific”, I was just giving my own personal opinions based on observational experience. We obviously see things very different, but I’m more than willing to have a civil discussion about it without resorting to verbal jabs.

    6. These people are showing their true allegiance. They do not want to be bothered by a God that asks for a few simple moral restrictions.

      Typified the Russians paid anyone to make the libs look bad, they wasted their rubles. The libs seem to be doing a bang up job of making themselves look bad with no need of foreign meddling. 🙂

    7. GreenPete, the Left is way to the Left of you. Have you tuned in to MSNBC or CNN for their night shows? The fact you don’t know who Judge Moore is is revealing. How would you like to be accused of sexual misconduct that took place 38 years ago and then have the Establishment declare you guilty until you can prove yourself innocent. Welcome to 2017 America.

  2. White Rabbit: “Have you tuned in to MSNBC or CNN…?” Answer: No, I haven’t. I don’t watch cable or commercial news, whether left, right, or indifferent, since I find it petty, superficial, and an insult to my intelligence. I’m more concerned about issues like income disparity, climate change, health care etc. than sexual misconduct cases, which are certainly important to the victims, but not to me.

    “How would you like to be accused…?” Answer: The “Establishment” (I assume you mean news media and certain partisan factions) has declared pre-trial guilt – or innocence – for many years. I don’t like it, either, and it IS symptomatic of 2017 America, But these so-called “declarations” you cite are constantly parsed, depending on which way one swings politically. I would argue that a certain segment of “the Establishment” recently declared Hillary Clinton guilty, as well, long before the FBI declared her innocent of anything criminal. While the door shouldn’t swing at all, it does swing both ways.

    I responded to a post by leeduigon that was divisive, spiteful, derogatory, and inflammatory. I’m glad I challenged it, despite the fact that these FB-styled political “discussions” never go anywhere. Yes, I’ve disagreed strongly with the follow-up comments. But nothing I’ve said has been “hateful” or could be considered derogatory. The worst thing I said was Mr. Duigon has “smeared” an otherwise beautiful faith, which he has, and Watchman’s unscientific assumptions are “absurd,” which they are. I think it’s a shame that our society continues to view everything through a lens of Us versus Them, and it’s especially sad when religion has to enter the fray. But I guess it’s symptomatic of 2017 America.


    1. It doesn’t matter, these FB-styled political “discussions” never go anywhere. Makes one wonder why someone with such an opinion would bother to post.

      My suggestion is to not feed the trolls. This isn’t about discourse, it’s about seeking attention.

    2. I don’t like to censor anyone if I can help it, not even liberals (unless they resort to abuse, profanity, blasphemy, or persistent inanity).

      I still don’t get why I’m the bad guy for pointing to all those nasty liberal quotes. It’s something that a lot of them do as often as they can. You should’ve seen the tidal wave of hate that came from them when Michael Crichton died, all because he stopped believing in Climbit Change. They’d have burned him at the stake for it, if they could. And his whole family with him.

      They said so.

    3. And then there’s their great put-down of anyone who doesn’t share their opinion: “You’re just being divisive!”

      What bunk. I’ll be as “divisive” as I possibly can be, if it means impeding their efforts to destroy our culture.

    4. Many of these people would have been horrified by the Americans responsible for the independence of the US from Britain. If one’s greatest fear is that something they say might not be just hunky dory with everyone it’s unlikley that such a person will ever say anything of significance.

    5. Greenpete, glad to see you have thought about the issues of our day – that is refreshing. I am curious, what sources to you trust to get your news and information?

  3. May I offer some thoughts re: Evangelical Christian support of Mr. Moore?
    1. We all bear the shame and the glory of the Cross. When anyone in our Christian family fails, separates, sins, etc. we are hurt because we belong to the same body.
    2. Major characters of the Bible including the Lord were scorned, falsely accused, and even conspired against.
    Isaiah 8:11-13
    A Call to Fear God
    11For thus the LORD spoke to me with mighty power and instructed me not to walk in the way of this people, saying, 12″You are not to say, It is a conspiracy!’ In regard to all that this people call a conspiracy, And you are not to fear what they fear or be in dread of it. 13″It is the LORD of hosts whom you should regard as holy. And He shall be your fear, And He shall be your dread.…
    All who are accused in public opinion of a crime are innocent until proven guilty. I will cheer when Judge Moore goes to court, and then we can see that he or his accusers are brought to justice. Thanks for post!

    1. To us it’s obvious why Judge Moore’s character is being assassinated. He stood up for the Ten Commandments, and he stood in opposition to the Supreme Court’s evil and capricious ruling on “gay marriage.” For these actions, the ruling class wishes to destroy him. I pray the people of Alabama will elect him by a landslide.

    2. Lord, show if Moore is right or wrong. If he’s guilty, may he be brought to justice. If he is innocent, which srems in line with his character, may he win by an undeniable blowout of 66% or more! May his acvusers be brought to justice. May he be full of Your power to represent Alabama in grace and truth! Amen!

    3. The number is sexual misconduct charges floating around is off the charts and has certainly increased in the 11 days since this post was created. I wouldn’t be surprised to see matters escalate even more.

      I don’t think that our Creator is bringing matters out open. I think it’s a natural result that misdeeds eventually come to light. The Bible warns us sternly against immortality and it’s obvious that a lot of people, on both sides of the aisle, have ignored these warnings.

    4. Indeed, you are right. I doubt that much, of any of this will ever end up in court. Harvey Weinstein, perhaps, but most of these accusations are unlikely to ever result in criminal charges.

      I don’t know whether Moore misconducted himself or not. Even if he did, the charges are many decades old and he may well have improved upon his own character since then. There are too many unknowns for me to even begin to consider making a judgement.

      Some of the other charges leveled at others seem much more recent. These could really have an impact. Al Franken seems to have been caught in the act, on camera. I would venture to say that his career as a politician will probably fizzle out from this point on.

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