Why Do Cats Rob Purses?

“Because that’s where the money is,” silly–don’t you know your Willie Sutton?

Seriously, though: don’t you ever wonder whether cats have been with humans longer than is good for them? Here they are stealing money. Who knows what they mean to buy with it? Baseball cards, X-ray glasses, Pop Rocks–your guess is as good as mine.

6 comments on “Why Do Cats Rob Purses?

  1. Funny! Not so funny if the money is yours, though. The only thing I can imagine is that for some reason, it is easy to grab with their claws, they
    may have seen their “mom” handling it and want to try it, too.

  2. My daughter’s Golden Retriever used to rummage around in my purse till he found money. He never took anything but cash and checks 🙂

    If I had to guess what they’d buy, my money’s on catnip, lots of cat toys and treats, and sunglasses for a disguise 🙂

    1. They must understand that we care about money, but I don’t know how or why that would be the case. Bills probably bear the scent of many people, having changed hands frequently, but coins should be another matter.

      I know that my old tomcat would take a swipe at one of my guitars when he wanted to signal his displeasure and he always swatted at the most expensive one. I can only surmise that they watch us and know what is important to us.

    2. Cats are excellent at reading body language, so I suppose they may make a connection about the place money has in our lives. What animals lack in speech, they more than make up for in being so perceptive and in tune with their humans.

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