Trying to Make Sense of WordPress

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(Calling the shots at WordPress’ Fortress of Ineptitude…)

At least one of our regular readers is not getting notified when a new post is published here. If you follow the blog, WordPress is supposed to do that for you. Is anybody else not getting those notifications?

And of course they now notify me when I’ve posted something, just in case I’ve done it in my sleep or something.

And of course my news links within the posts still don’t link to anything anymore. WordPress fixed that once, but in just a few days it happened again.

What are they doing? It seems like the whole business has been taken over by gremlins. I can see no rhyme or reason in it. Imagine if they were in charge of manufacturing cars. On second thought, I don’t want to imagine it.

When are they going to get their act together?

11 comments on “Trying to Make Sense of WordPress

  1. I don’t know. My late husband and I had a website with them, and it was
    bad then, too. Now, your blog is no longer sent to the social portion of my inbox, instead it is sent willy nilly to the three different divisions. I never know where I will find you, and there could be some that I miss. It is very frustrating. Seeing the types of people who work in the various places I visit, I am surmising that the same types have been given employment at Word Press, too.

  2. So far, I’ve been receiving new post notifications, but sometimes I don’t receive the ‘new comment’ notifications even though I’ve requested them. Sometimes that function is messed up too – the comment confirmation isn’t always received. And they’re still not ‘remembering’ my personal information, which used to be filled in, but now must be typed in each time. And a couple of times my comments were relegated to the ‘awaiting moderation’ realm. It certainly could raise your blood pressure trying to deal with and straighten all of this out when you have no control over any of it. From this end, they’re minor inconveniences.

  3. I’ve also noticed something else. It probably has nothing to do with you, but it may be something WordPress should know. Up in the address bar, there is usually a little box in front of the address that usually has the WordPress logo, but lately is a blank blue box.

  4. I’m glad you still are able to post from your archives. It is interesting to see people commenting from years ago that no longer do so. I wonder where they went or why they stopped showing up? It seems when anything becomes really successful and becomes an “institution” it then begins to fall away from previous high standards that got them there; something like new wine being poured into old wine skins.

    1. I started doing that in an effort to make up the readership I lost when I stopped getting Facebook referrals. I keep doing it because I think people who are new to the blog might enjoying picking up on things they missed. I’m glad you like it, too.

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