‘The Silver Trumpet’: Almost Ready

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If you’re wondering where I’ve been all afternoon, I’ve been right here at this computer, doing my part of the final edit of The Silver Trumpet. Our boss, Mark Rushdoony, hopes to publish it in January.

No one has ever published an error-free book, but at Chalcedon we come about as close to it as humanly possible. This will be my third time proofreading the book, and I’m only one of several proofreaders. Actually, it’s quite shocking when I discover–after the book is published!–a typo on a page.

Susan, my editor, had a rather complicated reaction to The Temptation. She’s worried about some of the characters’ welfare. Some of them are very definitely sailing into harm’s way. I pray that in the spring I’ll be ready to start writing the next installment of the story.

But first we’ve gotta get The Silver Trumpet into print!

At least the editing job takes my mind off WordPress.

7 comments on “‘The Silver Trumpet’: Almost Ready

  1. We’ll be waiting 🙂

    And at one point II think I commented about the conspicuous lack of errors in your books. I was amazed! And just a quick note about the cover art – it’s spectacular!

  2. I always make the page of any book when I detect an error. There usually are some. I haven’t detected any in the first two Bell Mountain books but I’ll let you know if I do in the next ones (I’ve asked Santa Claus for Bell Mountain books for Christmas!).

    1. You had me laughing out loud as I thought of those old wire hangers making pointy shoulders. They were good for one thing anyway – unlocking your car door when you locked yourself out. Since criminals were also using them to unlock our cars, now we can’t even use them for that. 🙂

    2. One time, many years ago, I locked myself out of my car and went to work on it with a coat hanger. But the police officer who came along was a lot better at it than I was.

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