This Just In: Yet Another Dirty Old Man in Congress

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Why is this creature extinct, but Congress isn’t?

Thirty-two years in the House, Texas’ longest-serving representative, Joe Barton is in hot water today because of a disgusting nude photo of him that has zoomed around the Internet ( My wife says the picture literally made her sick. And for once I’m glad WordPress won’t get my news links to link to any news.

This, folks, is our ruling class. The two-legged nematodes who enact our laws (even if they don’t read them first, much less write them), spend our hard-earned money, refuse to secure our borders, tirelessly labor to enrich themselves at our expense, and demand that we obey them and defer to them because they are our betters, they’re the ones who know best, they’re the ones with the private jets and limousines so who the devil do we think we are, to question them…

All I can say is, you can’t spend seven or eight decades bombarding a country with Kinsey, Fifty Shades of Grey, Madeline Murray, abortion, the Clintons, “gay pride” parades, transgender lunacy, and all the rest of that filth and then expect it not to be governed by perverts, clowns, liars, thieves, blockheads, and loons. That’s what we’ve done and that’s what we’ve got.

May God deliver us.

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  1. It seems that minute by minute we continue to discover just how miry the D.C. swamp truly is. While I’m not in the least surprised, I am sickened and disgusted. And what makes it all the worse is that we continue to re-elect these slimeballs, some of whom have been there sliming it up for decades. They ceased long ago working for us – if, in fact, they ever really did.

  2. You have nailed it so perfectly, Lee. I have said these things many times,
    but usually I get a shrug- not disagreement, just a shrug.

  3. Sexual morals are foundational. Give it a moment’s thought, one sexual encounter can change the lives of two people forever and procreate a new life which deserves to be raised in a stable home with two parents whom love and care for one another. Abandoning sexual morality has given us a world in which single parent homes are quite common, in which divorce is very common and in which diseases are transmitted at epidemic levels.

    When we hear about these sorts of scandals, we are hearing about our nation’s decline. These are a reflection of just how far the US has deteriorated. There has long been a problem, but now it’s nearly ubiquitous. Many prominent politicians behave immorally and in the entertainment world it’s almost universal. As a society, we have elevated such people to this position.

    When Frank Sinatra left his wife for Eva Gardner, his career suffered. People were outraged at his actions. It took a long time for his career to recover. At that time, the American people expected better of their public figures.

    Flash forward to our day and a surprising proportion of people don’t care about the morality of public figures. Scandal sheets prosper as they chronicle the exploits of entertainers. The nation reels from the effects of a government that has become laced with corruption; but what else should we expect? If people can’t govern their own sexual behavior, why should they be able to govern anything else?

    The current sex scandals seem to be all but endless. They are affecting both sides of the political aisle. They are affecting government at all levels. This storm may last a long time and each new revelation weakens our society as a whole. I have found that my movie collection is growing thinner by the day, because I’m tired of watching movies created by immoral people.

    This is not hate of any individual, on my part. What it truly is would be best described as hate of immorality and it’s toxic effects. I am not impinging upon the freedoms of these people. The law of the land allows them to act as they do, but it also gives me the freedom to withhold my business from such persons. They have legal freedom of choice: so do I.

    1. The most devilish thing about every aspect of it is that they are never content to just do their thing: they can’t be happy unless they draw you into it with them.

  4. Another thing that so upsets me is that most of these women dress (or should I say undress) themselves in a way that incites and encourages the most base of instincts of heathen human nature. I have heard nothing said to condemn this behavior. If you dangle a worm in a fish stream, do you not expect something to grab it? I mean, use your head if you have one.

  5. I thank God that I believe He always has a remnant that is faithful to him. Just think how corrupt our society would be without them – on second thought don’t, it would be too depressing.

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