A Night in Davos with a Floozy: $2,500

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Memories being what they are in this crowd, an instruction manual will come in handy.

Sorry, but I refuse to use the term “sex worker.” If you can’t figure out why, you’re not very good at figuring.

Anyway, the Masters of the World are descending on Davos, Switzerland, for their annual wingding, they’ve already landed some 1,700 private jets (“carbon footprint,” anyone?)–and right behind them are the prostitutes… drawn to these rich old commies like flies to road kill (https://nypost.com/2023/01/18/prostitutes-charge-davos-attendees-2500-a-night/).

The going rate, we hear, is $2,500 a night. If you think that’s way too expensive, try to imagine being up close and personal with John Kerry. It’ll make your flesh crawl in a vain effort to escape.

Once again the message is, “You’re all gonna die from Climate Change unless you give us all your money and total power over your lives!” Honk if you would like Al Gore to have total power over your life. Honk twice if you believe in Man-Made Climate Change That Can Be Controlled By An All-Powerful Government–then trade in your brain for a lump of Silly Putty, it’ll work better.

Is there a Yelp page with customer reviews? Do me a favor and don’t let me see it.

What–You Can’t Ban Porn from Schools?

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“Ready, guys? Let’s get that gay porn back into the 2nd-grade classroom!”

Not if it’s “gay” porn, you can’t!

The federal Dept. of Justice (LOL!) will “investigate” a Texas school district for violating a federal regulation that supposedly requires schools to stock textbooks and library books catering to “gay” students (https://amgreatness.com/2023/01/18/biden-education-department-launches-civil-rights-investigation-into-school-book-bans/). By cracky, it’s A Civil Rights Issue!

Far Left Crazy–in this case the ACLU–complained that the Granbury Independent (independent of what?) School District was violating the civil rights of sodomites by keeping books loaded with “gay” sex out of the schools. So here come the feds, here come the feds! And to think they once came after gangsters.

Why are we still sending children to these public schools? Come on, somebody, anybody–why are we doing that? If they can’t groom the kiddies into transgender, they’ll settle for LGBTetc. Living in a Red state is no protection. Why do we continue to hand children over to perverts and wackos?

Hey, the FBI isn’t going after Al Capone wannabes anymore. They’re coming for your children and they’re coming for you.

Steal a national election, and you can steal anything.

‘Equality Minister’ Defends Adults Having Sex With Children

All new laws must be feminist, says Spain's hard-Left equalities minister

She also says “All new laws must be feminist,” but that’s another story.

It’s not just our country that’s governed by moral imbeciles.

Spain’s “equality minister”–if your state or country has one, you’re paying too much tax–has publicly declared, and we quote, that children “have the right to know that they can love or have sexual relations with anyone they want” (https://www.outono.net/elentir/2022/09/22/a-spanish-minister-says-children-can-have-sexual-relations-with-whoever-they-want/).

Well, heck, as long as the six-year-old consents…

And you know Democrats are seeing this and drooling with envy. “That’s what we need! Yeah! A minister of equality!”

And the fallen world keeps falling.

‘A Drag Queen in Every School’–Really?

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No way I’m posting a picture of this wretched woman. Here’s a nice butterfly instead.

Complete the sentence and win a tin-foil hat! “I send my children to public school to be ‘educated’ by nut-jobs because __________.”

Now it’s Michigan… where the state attorney general (!) says she’d like to see “a drag queen in every school” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/06/michigan-attorney-general-calls-drag-queen-every-school-says-make-everything-better/). Why? Because “drag queens are fun,” she sez. And because “drag queens make everything better,” she sez.

Really? Everything?

How do we end up getting governed by these freaks?

I’m beginning to think the end game of all this is the extinction of the human race, brought about by Satan and his tools and patsies. I would like to be wrong about that, but I’m afraid I’m not.

Meanwhile–for sanity’s sake, if nothing else, pull your children OUT of public school!

Portland Schools: ‘Period Products’ for Boys

Single-use plastic in period products | Feature | RSC Education

For boys, too! Courtesy of the Oregon taxpayer

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

You’d think we’d be ashamed of being governed by nut-jobs like these. Have they abolished shame in Oregon? Have they outlawed self-respect?

Led by the Portland Public Schools (PPS) district, “educators” in Portland, Oregon–which Joe Biden, who is definitely not all there, called a model city–are rushing to implement the Menstrual Dignity Act (LOL)… by equipping (for starters) 500 school lavatories, all grade levels, with “period products.” Yes: boys’ bathrooms, too (https://thepostmillennial.com/portland-schools-to-offer-period-products-instructions-on-their-usage-in-both-girls-and-boys-restrooms).

Ya see, this is how they set up “The Four Pillars of menstruation dignity”… which are “privacy, inclusion [?], access, and ‘education’.” With a hey-na-nonny and a ha-cha-cha.

I guess “inclusion” means boys and men can have periods, too. They can’t, but this is public education and facts must remain outside.

Dignity! Where is the dignity in pretending boys have periods? Babbling inane lies is not dignified.

And then there’s the question of frivolously wasting tax money that people had to work for. What are boys supposed to do with “period products”? I’ll tell you what they will do: make bawdy jokes about them and throw them at each other. Your tax dollars at work.

Did the people of Oregon actually elect the nothing-burgers responsible for this? If they did–if the elections weren’t stolen or contrived–well, then, they deserve this.

But their children didn’t have a vote, and they don’t deserve it. Educated by fools and wackos. Hot dog.

‘Pervocracy’ (2017)

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This I wrote back in 2017. Now, four years later, we’ve got a “president” who goes around sniffing young girls. And really, it’s the only thing he’s good at.


What would be so horrible about holding a lottery to decide who’d serve in Congress? I mean, come on, how scared are you of winding up with someone worse than Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler? Could you even find worse people? Maybe if you had a fully-equipped scientific expedition to… sheesh, I don’t know where! You can’t beat our own 50 states for generating reprobates and elevating them to public office.

We really should try something else.

UK Court Finds Bible ‘Incompatible with Human Dignity’

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(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

This has to stop. Please, God, make it stop.

A British court has ruled that belief in the Bible is “incompatible with human dignity” (https://thebridgehead.ca/2019/10/15/british-court-rules-that-belief-in-the-bible-is-incompatible-with-human-dignity-after-baptist-doctor-refuses-to-call-bearded-man-madam/?fbclid=IwAR38-HK7HjA7M99UASVUEqTqdWQsfrgUgnU2J46Usft7kVgUlfm6bX8kHiU).

The court was confirming the firing of a Baptist doctor from his job with the National Health Service, where he’d been for 26 years, for refusing to call a six-foot-tall man with a beard “madam.”

So…. what exactly is “human dignity,” in the court’s view? Why, naturally, that thing that is as undignified as anything can be: pretending you’re a member of the opposite sex–that’s what Britain thinks is “dignity.” “Grotesque comedy,” or “abomination,” come much nearer the mark. But according to the court–pay close attention!–“lack of belief in transgenderism and conscientious objection to transgenderism” are bad, bad, bad and anyone who has them must NOT be allowed to earn a living!

Get it? Now they tell you what you must believe.

Home of the Magna Carta–hot dog!

This Just In: Yet Another Dirty Old Man in Congress

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Why is this creature extinct, but Congress isn’t?

Thirty-two years in the House, Texas’ longest-serving representative, Joe Barton is in hot water today because of a disgusting nude photo of him that has zoomed around the Internet (https://www.cbsnews.com/news/texas-congressman-apologizes-for-circulation-of-nude-photo/). My wife says the picture literally made her sick. And for once I’m glad WordPress won’t get my news links to link to any news.

This, folks, is our ruling class. The two-legged nematodes who enact our laws (even if they don’t read them first, much less write them), spend our hard-earned money, refuse to secure our borders, tirelessly labor to enrich themselves at our expense, and demand that we obey them and defer to them because they are our betters, they’re the ones who know best, they’re the ones with the private jets and limousines so who the devil do we think we are, to question them…

All I can say is, you can’t spend seven or eight decades bombarding a country with Kinsey, Fifty Shades of Grey, Madeline Murray, abortion, the Clintons, “gay pride” parades, transgender lunacy, and all the rest of that filth and then expect it not to be governed by perverts, clowns, liars, thieves, blockheads, and loons. That’s what we’ve done and that’s what we’ve got.

May God deliver us.