We Has got No Thanks givving Day!!

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Yeasterday “it” was Thansgiving Day butt “we” didnt cellarbrate it hear “At” collidge becose Thansgiving Day It is Racist!!! and aslo Homo Fobick. So insted of Thansgiving we has got a spatial New holladay we cal it No Thanks Yiu Stinkin Racist Americka Day!

My Ginder Studdies prefesser he had some of Us stodents over his “house” for a No Thanks diner, he “and” his pratner thay had Terky butt he givved us stodents some old cheeryos he had and a old Twinky for desert and aslo he “had” some Whine but he gived us stodents jist Tang and he sayed “it is too make yiu”” propperly Un-Greatful for al the Stuff we has not reseeved becose of Wite Privlidge! It “Was” a phantastick larning expeareants!!! but i Was stil hongre so latter wen No One thay was looking i eight some sox and a hankerchiff, somtimes it Pays “to be” ingectid whith Moth Hormones!!

Wel now its getting Late and we has “got To” go outside and screamb at The Sky so that Donold trumpt he wil rezine and Hillery “she wil” be pressadint!

7 comments on “We Has got No Thanks givving Day!!

  1. Uh-oh. I think Joe Collidge is working with WordPress now. In the notice I got for this post, the name of the post wasn’t what the headline turned out to be, but rather “35030.” Or maybe someone at WordPress was triggered by the word “Thanks” being spelled correctly and fell forward onto the numeric part of his/her/its/their keyboard. Tsk.

    Anyway, I’m glad Joe C’s moth hormones finally came in handy. I suppose I shouldn’t ask what flavor the sox were.

    A very lovely parable, Lee, for the way the overpaid professors feed their students garbage. 😉

    1. I think what happened there was, would you believe it, I forgot to write a headline! I remedied that in a minute, but still too late to appear in WordPress’ notification message. Frankly, I’m glad you got any notification at all, the way things have been going lately.

    2. I live in hope that my satire remains a satire and never becomes (ugh!) a reality.

  2. Colin Kapernick and “the Indians” held an “Un-Thanksgiving Day” observance on Alcatraz Island. They plan to make it a thing. By the way, I am thankful for the Lee Duigon Blog and its participants!!

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