When Your Dog Barks at a Phantom

Don’t you just love it when your dog does this–barks and growls at nothing? Cats can do it, too. This dog seems to be excited by the presence of an intruder in the living room–but as you can see, there’s nobody there.

Why do they do it? Helki the Rod says you’d better pay attention to what the birds and animals are telling you, if you want to stay alive in the forest. Well, first you’d have to figure out what this agitated dog is telling you…

5 comments on “When Your Dog Barks at a Phantom

  1. They say animals are very sensitive to other dimensional beings. And I do believe they can sometimes sense things we can’t.

  2. I’ve seen a normally calm dog go absolutely insane, barking at a dried leaf. I went over, picked up the leaf (the dog was certain I would die) and showed it to the dog. For the next half hour it went and checked out the spot where the leaf had been.

    1. Well, that’s a puzzle. And then there’s the cat that stares at an empty corner of the living room and growls. And I have read that a rattlesnake my go into full threat display when no threat is visible to the human observer.

      Maybe animals do this stuff to freak us out.

    2. Our senses are very good, but they have limitations and occasionally we can be fools. That’s how illusions work. There’s no telling what animals may perceive.

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