Do You Hear the Kookaburra?

Hi, Mr. Nature here–and aren’t you glad this is not your daily wakeup call?

I don’t know how many jungle movies and TV shows I’ve seen which had kookaburras carrying on in the background. The bird lives in Australia, but its call has been plugged in as a soundtrack for scenes set in Africa and South America. Like, who would notice?

Next time you’re watching a Tarzan movie or a Jungle Jim episode, listen for the kookaburra. You’re bound to hear it.

4 comments on “Do You Hear the Kookaburra?

  1. They’re cute little birds – with big voices 🙂 There’s even a children’s nursery rhyme song ‘The Kookaburra Song’. We all sang it when we were children, and then taught it to our children and grandchildren 🙂

  2. Linda, I remember the Kookaburra song, too! I think I could still sing it, except for the last couple of notes, which I always got wrong. 🙂

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