Update: WordPress Screw-Ups

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Here’s the updated list of all the things that have gone wrong with WordPress over just the past two weeks.

News links that don’t like to anything.

Reblogging function doesn’t work.

Some readers don’t get their notifications of new posts or comments.

The links to similar or related stories, at the bottom of each post–gone, removed, vanished. Makes it hard to find related stories.

The list of tags and categories on the right-hand side of the page–gone, removed, vanished. Makes it hard to find things.

If I tried to work out these problems with WordPress’ “Happiness Engineers,” I’d be at it until I was literally driven mad. Besides, the last time they fixed something, it only stayed fixed for three or four days.

People keep predicting the folks at WordPress will get their act together and stop subverting and sabotaging their users’ blogs. But I see no sign of that happening.

8 comments on “Update: WordPress Screw-Ups

    1. And libs are worried about “toxic masculinity”??? Crikey, where do they find any masculinity at all?

  1. I’m convinced many of these issues are caused by “updates”, which often feel more like downgrades. Often times I get accustomed to working with software and they throw in an “update” that forces me to relearn how to do something. Sometimes I don’t think it actually serve any real purpose other than to change things around just for the sake of charging them around. Because apparently moving things around and making it more complicated makes it feel new and updated… right. What I really hate are software companies that feel the need to update their product every week. Do they really have that many bug fixes or improvements to make? There’s a saying, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

    1. Everyone I talk to, even the clerk at the vet’s office, says all these software wizards do is add more and more steps to every procedure, making it more cumbersome, complicated, and vulnerable to errors.

  2. It’s similar to bureaucracy in that it starts out with a specific purpose but “evolves” by “improving” its mandate until it is so big and out of control it takes on a life of its own.

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