They Want to Ban… Bulletproof Glass?

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See if you can figure out this story.

As part of a bill to regulate convenience stores in not-so-nice neighborhoods, a Philadelphia City Councilwoman wants to ban “barriers”–bulletproof glass, in particular–between the clerk and the customers (

Have armed robbers–part of the Democrat voting base–been complaining that their job is hard when the clerk is able to hide behind bulletproof glass?

The councilwoman says these shops attract a lot of ne’er-do-wells. Like, who else would she expect to hang out there–Prince William and Princess Kate? The shop owners say they need the  barriers to protect their employees. Given that bulletproof glass costs a lot more than regular glass, or no glass at all, it’s difficult to see why these shop owners, not renowned for their lavish business expenses, would want it if they didn’t need it. The councilwoman replies that bars in these neighborhoods do all right without protective barriers. Uh-huh. Betcha the police are kept reasonably busy by the goings-on around some of those bars.

But why try to forbid the shop owners to spend extra money on protection for their clerks? Does this make any sense at all?

Then again, does anything about our major cities make sense anymore?

6 comments on “They Want to Ban… Bulletproof Glass?

  1. The problem here is one of misunderstanding and sensitivity. You’re misunderstanding the intentions of robbers – they’re merely trying to raise their standard of living; and you’re obviously insensitive to their plight. Disallowing bullet proof glass is simply a way of affirming their altruistic plans.

  2. It would force these Philadelphia clerks to pay attention to the next person in the very long line, instead of talking on the phone, to each other, and painting their nails while people waited. Nevertheless, almost EVERYTHING should be bullet-proof these days, except gun grabbers. But doing the backwards shuffle is what the left does best.

  3. Why not just make a law saying that the clerks have to hand over the contents of the cash register *without* physical coercion? See, it makes both the guns and the bulletproof glass obsolete. Think about how many gun accidents involving casual robbers, who just wanted to prepare their 9mm for a quick liquor store hit, could be avoided this way.

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