My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 30 (‘Why We Can’t Drain the Swamp’)

It’s getting hard to keep up. Matt Lauer and Garrison Keilor have fallen, since I wrote this a few days ago. Rush Limbaugh opened his phone lines to any Democrat who is not a sexual predator, but nobody called.

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    1. Thanks, Linda! I especially love the one that says: “Sin Bad, Jesus Good, Details Inside.”

  1. Nice work, Lee.

    “Do you believe that sensitivity training, sexual addiction therapy, lawsuits, scandal, or public outcry will make it stop?”

    Absolutely not, No way, it can’t and it won’t. The problem is moral and none of these solutions address the moral issues, in fact all of them assume sexually immoral motives.

  2. Good article as always, Lee. But you may be too optimistic in saying that the indoctrination is about making sexual aberration “acceptable.” It’s about more than making the aberration acceptable, more even than making it the new norm, but actually making it seem attractive, exciting, and even superior to stodgy old cisgenders.

  3. Powerful article, Lee! Doesn’t it bother tax-payers that their Representatives in D.C. come home rich?

    After the names of sexual predators in Congress get unmasked and they announce they are not running for re-election, maybe we will have an open window to get truly righteous leadership in place.

    When Ronald Reagan first became President he was criticized for not appointing more Christians to positions of influence. He said he wanted to but couldn’t find many qualified. The body of Christ has a lot of work to do – like reading Romans 13.

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