A Spatial messidge From Joe Collidge

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Hi its me Joe Collidge and i am a interllectural and yore not “so” yiu has beter got to do “like i say” becose i amb Smarter then yiu!

i seen that guy lee he is “trying to” get poor ordrinary dum peple like yiu “To” by his stopid books for Chrismist pressents Wel i fourbid yiu To Do It!!! Fore one thing thare isnt no sucht Thing as chrismist and anywhay It is Izlammo Fobick and yiu shuld Al “bee” doing Kwaaanzaaah insted!!!! And them thare books of his Thay “are” racist and Trans Fobick and thay wil Turn “yiu” into A Hater!!! i canot strass This enuohgh!!!!!

Hare at Collidge us Intrallectorals insted of lowsy chrismist we going to Go “Out” and key cars!! Sombday thare wont Be no more chrismist any More it wil Be Aginst The Laww!~! then them No Good christins thay wil has to cellarbrate Kwonzaaaah “Or” else gett Shot!!

Meenwhile remmber i toled you dont By this gy’s books “he is” A racist!!!!!!! he dont love The Humin Kind like Us Interllecturals we doo!

About leeduigon

I have lived in Metuchen, NJ, all my life. I have been married to my wife Patricia since 1977. I am a former newspaper editor and reporter. I was also the owner-operator of my own small business for several years. I wrote various novels and short stories published during 1980s and 1990s. I am a long-time student of judo and Japanese swordsmanship (kenjutsu). I also play chess, basketball, and military and sports simulations. View all posts by leeduigon

3 responses to “A Spatial messidge From Joe Collidge

  • Linda Sorci

    Well Joe, I see through your ruse. You don’t want the rest of us to grab up copies of Lee’s books – you want them for yourself because they would be a yummy treat! Nice try though.


  • UnKnowable

    Joe, my friend,

    The liberal lov is coming through loud and clear. Now I understand what all that “peace & love” talk meant, back in the sixties, it means: ‘agree with us, “Or” else gett Shot!!’ Well, at least we understand it now. 🙂


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Sorry, Joe, but the Bell Mountain books are on my Christmas list. Inturllecturals, you’ve got to love them. We all need some levity in our lives.


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