Peep Says Hello, Too


My wife doesn’t want sibling rivalry to break out into open war, so here’s Peep getting equal time. She was feeling rather pensive when this picture was taken; but the content of her thoughts is hidden from us lowly humans.

Do cats think? Those who know them best believe they do. A penny for Peep’s thoughts? But she’s not selling.

7 comments on “Peep Says Hello, Too

  1. You own two remarkable cats — or, rather, two remarkable cats own you. And cats don’t need to think. They just push buttons in their humans, and the humans give them everything they want. 🙂

    1. “two remarkable cats own you”

      I’m sure that’s more accurate. Just ask who breaks a sweat to pay for cat food and who does not; the answer tells you whom is in charge. 🙂

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