Special! Our Cats

I couldn’t wait till dinner-time to post this–Patty’s video of our own two furry babies, back in happier times. Robbie’s the one with the white bib. She’s given up toting Patty’s slippers around the living room. And Peep is up in heaven now.

Oh, our little girls! Have to stop now, eyes filling up…

The Robbie Report

robbie picture

We got good news today from Robbie’s vet. They’ve done the blood work: her kidney numbers are back down to normal, and so are her thyroid numbers. She won’t need to be checked again for six months. It’s a great relief to us.

Robbie recently had her sixteenth birthday, and that makes her a “senior cat.” You might well think she was younger than that, to look at her. She’s had more than her share of serious medical problems in her life, but she’s still ticking.

Meanwhile, the weather here has not been friendly to any writer who needs to work outdoors. I want to start writing my next book, the early life of King Ozias, who lived two thousand years ago. I think I’d like to frame it as a tale told by Obst, King Ryons’ teacher. The tale is told in Obann’s Scriptures, in bits and pieces scattered here and there. Obst will have to put it all together into a coherent narrative.

To start a new book is exciting, but also a little bit daunting. Can I do it? Can I make it work? Will it serve God? The only way to find out is to pray for guidance and write the book.

Robbie Update

robbie picture

(Sorry, this is the only picture I have of her.)

They gave Robbie an antibiotic because she had a slight fever (I already knew that from feeling her ears) and then some subcutaneous hydration because she hadn’t been eating enough. It must have been the right treatment because in just two hours at home so far, she’s already eaten more than she did the whole weekend.

We have to go back tomorrow for tests. It’ll be really early for me, which means I’ll have trouble getting to sleep tonight (You’d better get to sleep! You’ve got to get up and drive really soon, you’d better get to sleep! What? You’re not asleep yet…?).

I’ll update when I can. Thanks for your prayers.

Please Pray for Robbie

robbie picture

Poor Robbie! She’s in a bad way, we don’t know why, so I have to take her to the vet’s this afternoon and again tomorrow, first thing in the morning, for assorted tests, etc.

She was fine until late Friday afternoon. Then the wheels fell off. I hate to put her in the carrier for the drive to the vet’s, it’s a lot of stress for her, but there’s no other way.

Patty my wife is still quite ill, and I can’t say I feel like going bungee-jumping. I mean, she’s on the mend, but it’s a slow process.

Please pray for us. We need it.

Peep Update


After many of you prayed for her yesterday, our cat Peep was more herself. That shouldn’t surprise us overmuch. She was fine the rest of the afternoon and all night. I wonder if it was the heat getting to her. It was miserably hot here yesterday, and our cats are getting old.

We thank you for your prayers. We’ll have to keep a watch on Peep, but as of this morning she seems OK.

Prayer Request: Peep


Our cat Peep seems a bit under the weather today, and she’s been having trouble getting up the stairs to the bedroom. She and Robbie are getting elderly.

Peep is Patty’s little shadow, and I don’t mind carrying her up the stairs if that’s where she wants to be. Not everybody understands this, but some of you do: our cats are our loved ones. Not much left of our family, and those who still live, all live far away. I can’t manage a four-hour drive on the highway anymore.

So please mention Peep in your prayers. We need the love our cats give us. Pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Robbie Update

robbie picture

We’ve finally heard from the vet (no one was able to get to the office yesterday). Robbie’s blood work is in. Her numbers are a little better, but she’s not out of the woods yet: we must slightly increase the dosage of her thyroid medicine. She’s 14 years old, and more dramatic treatment is out of the question.

But she still likes to run up the stairs full-tilt after using the litter box, and in most other ways seems her normal self. Fun is still fun, as far as she’s concerned. But she needs to put some weight back on.

Holy smoke–it is quarter to two already?

I wish I had a sled.

Peep’s All Right (Mostly)


Thank you all for your prayers on behalf of our cat, Peep.

The vet called with the blood work results today, and Peep is basically all right, except her kidney numbers are moving into the high end of “normal,” necessitating an ounce of prevention. We’re going to try Vitamin D, recommended by the doctor. This shouldn’t be too hard to manage.

We still suspect that our cats’ food might be a trifle too salty, but haven’t decided what to do about it. Something in the formula might have changed, maybe accidentally. But at least there’s nothing wrong with either Peep or Robbie.

Thanks again for your prayers.

Peep Says Hello, Too


My wife doesn’t want sibling rivalry to break out into open war, so here’s Peep getting equal time. She was feeling rather pensive when this picture was taken; but the content of her thoughts is hidden from us lowly humans.

Do cats think? Those who know them best believe they do. A penny for Peep’s thoughts? But she’s not selling.