Bonus Video: Cute Wild Animal Babies

A few of you have expressed a wish for more cute animal videos. Well, we aims t’please, as Popeye once said. I think you’ll find these baby animals quite charming.

My baby fence lizards were extremely cute when they hatched. They used to sleep by snuggling into the wood shavings at night, leaving only their heads showing. My granddaughter saw them like this and freaked out, thinking they’d all been decapitated. But she calmed down when the rest of them came out of bed.

9 comments on “Bonus Video: Cute Wild Animal Babies

  1. These are adorable — especially the baby rhino. But some of these adorable babies grow up to be dangerous predators — not unlike some humans who start out to be adorable babies and then grow up to be politicians. 🙂

    Do you have any pictures or videos of those fence lizards? I’ve never met a fence lizard. Or maybe I have but didn’t know it because we were never adequately introduced.

    1. Baby animals are quite charming. I once held baby Cayman. That was over twenty years ago. Trying to hold it today might not be such a good idea.

    2. The problem with dangerous creatures, even the tame ones, is that one lapse is enough to cause disaster. There are reports of people that develop a mutually trusting relationship with Mojave Rattlesnakes and I believe it’s possible. Once a snake learns that your scent doesn’t represent a threat it will tolerate your presence. However, if the trust breaks down, even for a minute, the price is quite high.

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