Critter Extravaganza

You’ll get some chuckles out of this “Pets of the Month” video, that’s for sure.

Note to dog: If you were a parrot, you would’ve figured out how to get the long stick through the narrow doorway. Gotta think these things through, pal.

I’m not sure what’s going on between the cat and the duck.

11 comments on “Critter Extravaganza

  1. I can only conclude that the cat and the duck were . . . playing together. No one seemed to be being hurt and neither seemed afraid of the other. Lots of good stuff from God in that clip.

  2. those were cool, and I also have the right posts back again, complete with comment space as before. Good.

    1. Now, every time I post, I have to take an extra step to allow comments, otherwise stupid WordPress will automatically disable them.

    2. I just went through my WordPress settings and couldn’t find a place to turn comments off or on globally. Don’t you just love it when these tech vendors “gift” you features that you don’t want and didn’t ask for.

    3. I find it under “Edit Post.”
      Can you imagine the total mess our civilization would be in, if computer companies built cars?

    4. Being in a profession that relies on a lot of different tech companies in order to do my job, I see this more and more, of late. I find that tech support is frequently off-shored and you end up having communications problems which can be intractable. They tend to be evaluated by how many trouble calls they handle per shift and customer satisfaction is a distant second among their priorities.

      I suspect that evermore of the programming itself is being off-shored to somewhere with very low wages. If you try to program a user interface in a language you are not accustomed to using in your everyday life it can cause some real problems. While it’s not often mentioned, programming includes a degree of communications with the end user of the product. If the communications are of poor quality there will be some significant challenges which may never be successfully met.

      For example, while Apple products have historically been very high quality with regard to both hardware and programming, I’ve noticed that recent updates to the iPad software have left me with a tablet which capitalizes, through auto-correct, common nouns, which then requires me to go back and make manual corrections. Is it a software glitch, or software written by someone that doesn’t understand the rules of capitalization in the English language. A lot of my time has been thusly wasted by this.

      I actually think that we may someday see a confluence of problems which leaves the tech world in a situation that is not easily remedied. You use computers many times every day, even if you don’t own a PC, Mac, Tablet or SmartPhone. If enough of these systems become unreliable at the same time, there could be real trouble because the very tools needed to fix the problem are the tolls that will be difficult to access, if the can be accessed at all.

    5. This is a very scary scenario when thinking of the all-too-real use of artificial intelligence.

      The cat gently petting the little bird was adorable! 🙂

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