Incredible Pet Critters

Cats and dogs and birds, sure, they’re fun. Pet possum? Well, my wife once had one. And I smuggled a baby possum into my bedroom once, but my mother thought it was a large rat and that was the end of that. Even pet raccoons–it can be done.

But this video also contains footage of a guy with a pet crocodile. I’ve seen it, but I still don’t believe it. Although I did once know a man who had a large rattlesnake in his house…

Critter Extravaganza

You’ll get some chuckles out of this “Pets of the Month” video, that’s for sure.

Note to dog: If you were a parrot, you would’ve figured out how to get the long stick through the narrow doorway. Gotta think these things through, pal.

I’m not sure what’s going on between the cat and the duck.

Pet Peeves

Actually, what I mean here is pets that peeve us and each other. Puppies, cats, and birds can get up to some pretty creative mischief. I couldn’t call my editor the other day because some of her cats unplugged her phone. But that’s nothing, compared to what puppies can do to a phone.

Oh, well–it’s foolish, but it’s fun.

Pets Wanna Have Fun: The Sequel

Okay, the raccoon in this video isn’t a pet; but he is having fun. Then there are the things that cats and dogs do that wouldn’t make any sense at all unless they had fun doing them. It argues for a high order of intelligence that is mostly inscrutable to humans.

Maybe they’re smarter than we are.

Bad Cats & Dogs

In their defense, the cats and dogs in this video have been tempted to be naughty, by humans who ought to know better.

My friend Jimmy had a large and poorly socialized iguana (not calm and friendly like my iguana). One day, showing off, he said, “Watch this!” He lifted the already kind of irritable big lizard up close to his face, stuck out his tongue, and blew a raspberry. Chomp. EEEYOW-WOW-WOW!!! I confess I found it quite amusing; but we were only twelve years old.

Fun With Toilet Paper

Fun for dogs and cats, that is. Not fun for you. You’ll have to clean it up.

These lamentable scenes cry out for some genius to invent a sure-fire way to protect our toilet paper. It would also be instructive to interview those persons who just stand around filming the activity instead of stopping it.

The little red dog and the empty roll, though–priceless.

Sanity Break: Cat and Dog Play Tag

Enough with the news, already! Let’s have something sane.

This cat and dog have a regular game going, and if I were their size, I’d want to join in.

I wonder if I could get them to play chess.

Video Treat: Animals Making Rather Odd Noises

Here are dogs, a few goats, a mule, a monkey, and a cat all making strange noises. I would rather my pet didn’t sound like the climax of an Edgar Allan Poe story, but to each his own.

Video Treat: Cats Bothering Dogs

Clearly none of these cats has ever heard, “Let sleeping dogs lie.”

Isn’t it amazing, what dogs will put up with?

Music Appreciation for Dogs & Cats

All right, enough of this heavy stuff. If I write one more word about you-know-who today, my brain will wither.

So… Music hath charms, eh? Let’s see if it charms these dogs and cats. All I know is, when I play my harmonica, my cats run away. It’s rather deflating, if the truth be known.