Work, Work, Work!

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Somehow I managed to write a Newswithviews column today, but there’s still a mountain of work to clear away. Patty ordered a new stove, I got her car washed–our neighbor thought we’d bought a whole new car, that’s how dirty it was–and we found a new mechanic for it.

But I still have to wrap Christmas presents, we have to get our tree, we have to get our duck for Christmas dinner, I have to get new glasses, and it would be nice if I found a chance to take a shower. There might still be some editing to do, I don’t know for sure. Everything has to be done in time for Christmas.

Are we all in the same boat, this year? How are you all doing, out there? I thought everything was supposed to get easier as you got older. I see now I was mistaken.

I’m also supposed to write a book review of Comrade Bernie Sanders’ Guide to Political Revolution. Mercy, mercy!

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  1. I spent today wrapping Christmas presents and playing Uber for a friend flying out to Wisconsin. And I am catching up on my Lee Duigon posts because I missed a day – whew! P.S. Make that shower a priority 🙂

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