If You’re ‘In the Mood’ in Sweden, Hold That Thought

Ah! Romance among the leftids!

Under a new Swedish law that will go into effect in July 2018, no one can have sex without at least the verbal consent–and probably written consent as well–of both pratners: otherwise, it might be rape. (http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/12/20/new-swedish-consent-laws-require-written-permission-sexual-relations/)

The law doesn’t say “written,” but… “in a potential rape allegation, it would be wiser to have the permission written down on paper.” Maybe the government could provide standard forms. So if you’re “in the mood,” try to stay in it long enough to fill out the paperwork.

The law was inspired by the #MeToo campaign. Every woman has been sexual harassed or abused, and every man is guilty. Until it all burns itself out a couple of months from now.

Hey! Remember when all the leftids were screaming, “Keep the government out of our bedrooms!” Now they’re screaming, “Get the government into our bedrooms!”

The one and only newspaper columnist who voiced opposition to the new law was promptly fired. Diversity allows no room for dissent.

And despite what everybody knows to be the case, but won’t admit, the government refuses to release statistics on the “ethnic backgrounds” of rapists. Hint: Muslim “asylum seekers” declare it’s a righteous act for a Muslim man to rape an infidel woman. But to mention that might move someone to question the government’s wisdom in importing, en masse, Muslim males of military age.

Government makes a rotten god and an even worse master.

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  1. Let’s see if I’ve got this right: Marriage is outdated, but marriage is a contract between two people before entering into a sexual relationship. So, for the last fifty years or so, it’s been common for people to enter into a sexual relationship without any sort of prior agreement, but that’s not proving to be such a good idea, so now the government of Sweden is planning upon requiring verbal consent, but you can’t really prove anything that way, so written consent is recommended. Forms filled out in triplicate and (eventually) filed with the proper authorities. I’ve heard of universities doing the same thing, BTW, and enforcing it as part of the conduct code for students.

    Ok folks, this is a form of marriage, albeit with no long-term commitment or expectation of exclusivity. They’ve reinvented marriage, reshaping it to fit their own immoral standards and now want to have this be the law of the land. “Quick, to the notary! I’m feeling amorous tonight!”

    Somehow, I think the setup my grandparents had was a better idea. How did that work again? Oh yeah, they were legally married and stayed that way for 64 years.

  2. While Christmas shopping for stocking stuffers, I went into a store in the Mall named Spencers. The majority of their items for sale were about the joys of fornication (the “f” word is used generously throughout the store). I did manage to find a drink coaster with Albert Einstein’s picture on it for my genius wife priced at five bucks.

    1. The idea that you actually went into a Spencer’s store will have me chuckling for the next week! Thanks for that, Lee 🙂

    2. It wasn’t me, it was him! the white rabbit…

      But Spencer’s has for decades been the place to go to for truly poor-taste. low-down gifts. Where else would you buy those little dolls, you squeeze ’em and the bra pops off?

    3. Ah, I see that now. Either way, it gave me a chuckle 🙂

      I remember a girlfriend of mine many many years ago bringing me into a Spencer’s. I was mortified at some of the items. I couldn’t believe such things existed and were actually for sale. Evidently I was more sheltered than I realized 🙂

    4. We used to get the Spencer’s catalogue, way back when.
      One of my friends sent away for the Automatic Card-Shuffler. It you were to put a deck of cards into an empty shoebox and shake it violently, it would work just like this machine.

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