Cat and Christmas Tree

There are tons of videos of cats wrecking Christmas trees; but a lot of cats would rather just sleep under the tree.

Of all the cats we’ve had here, in 40 years of marriage, with all their different personalities, fortes, and foibles, every single one of them just loved sleeping under the Christmas tree. We put our tree up yesterday, and will trim it today; but just now, Peep is sound asleep under it.

True, sometimes they succumb to the temptation of dangling ornaments. But only sometimes. And we are proud to say none of our cats, no, not one, has ever knocked the tree over or otherwise ravaged it.

First a cigar, and then to work–I’ve got a lot of cozy old ornaments to hang.

2 comments on “Cat and Christmas Tree

  1. Where do I start. The cat has quite a back story having been rescued from nearly freezing. It’s a beautiful creature

    The music absolutely stirs me. Who is that? Stride piano and some tasteful jazz saxophone. If anyone knows who that is, please post it. I tried Dave McKenna, but it seems to be someone else.

  2. Comfy and warm – excellent! What a good family to have brought this little one in as a family addition 🙂

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