‘Silent Night’ (Bing Crosby)

Well, our Christmas tree is up, it’s trimmed, our new stove is cooking a duck for Christmas dinner, the cats are asleep, and my stars, am I beat!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted Silent Night yet. Let us remedy that, forthwith.

As for that Pew Poll–well, Robert Louis Stevenson didn’t call that character in Treasure Island “Blind Pew” for nothing.

See the source image

Blind Pew… one of the villains

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  1. I always enjoy decorating the Christmas tree because so many of our ornaments tell a story and recall a good memory. Christmas music plays the whole time we are dressing the tree (more good memories).
    “Silent Night” will be the final song tonight at our Christmas Eve service as our individuals candles are lit – my favorite church service all year!

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