Encore, by Request: ‘Mary, Did You Know?’

We say yes to all requests for Christmas hymns here, so this encore is for Linda: Mary, Did You Know?

If nobody objects, I’d like to keep on posting Christmas hymns for the rest of the week. We’ll never use them all up.

3 comments on “Encore, by Request: ‘Mary, Did You Know?’

  1. Thanks for reposting this, Lee. It must’ve been one I missed during the flurry of the past couple of weeks. There’s a line in this that particularly grabs me – a thought beyond imagining – ‘when you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God’. Every time I hear that, I think – Wow!

    1. I often wonder that too. We’re not told much, other than ‘she kept these things in her heart’, and a few other clues.

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