NBC to Staff: Snitch or Be Fired

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Don’t let the door hit you in the kiester on your way out, Matt…

NBC fired Matt Lauer today, for perpetrating unwelcome hanky-panky on the job, and then issued a directive to all staff: from now on, report all incidents of sexual harassment… or be fired (http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/12/26/nbc-tightens-sexual-harassment-policies-post-matt-lauer-scandal.html).

Yes, “report any inappropriate relationships in the workplace,” or it’s adios to you. Also issued were “detailed rules on how to socialize.”

We are not told what constitutes an “inappropriate relationship.”

A personal note: Forty-one years ago today, Patty and I had our first date. We both worked at the Bayshore Independent: I was managing editor, she was the bookkeeper. Probably our relationship would be frowned upon by NBC today. We had dinner at The Islanders, a wonderful Polynesian restaurant that deserved to last forever, but didn’t, took in a movie–Voyage of the Damned, with Max Von Sydow, and finished with a visit to Sam’s Bar & Grill, another really nice place long gone. Neither of us ever dated anyone else after that. My mother advised me, “Don’t you dare let this one get away!” Well, I wasn’t fixing to.

I wonder if any of this would now be deemed “inappropriate.” It’s very hard to know what words mean when liberals use them.

And please remember that these are the very same people who for several decades have been pushing, for all they’re worth, the Sexual Revolution, if it feels good do it, the only unnatural sex act is the one that can’t be performed, it’s all about personal liberation, blah-blah. And now they don’t like the results?

I don’t like to think where they’re taking us.


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    1. We can have the freedom of God, or be slaves of sin. These days, the motive of fornication is assumed automatically, so there have to be detailed rules. Take that away and presume honorable behavior and one needs far fewer rules.

  1. I met my wife on the job, also. I tend to think a lot of people have the same story. Now that e-Harmony and its clones claim their millions of success stories, maybe it isn’t as common as in the past.
    An aside: “The Voyage of the Damned?” – glad that title wasn’t symbolic of your relationship. On our first date we saw “A Star Is Born” and the title was symbolic because my wife is a star in my world 🙂

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