When My Work Ain’t So Much Fun

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Lest anyone should envy me, I’d like to mention that I am assigned to write a review of the Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution, which he expects to accomplish with the aid of Joe Collidge and a couple million of his fellow stodents.

At the heart of this book is a proposal to make public colleges and universities tuition-free, so as to saddle–er, equip–America with the best-educated workforce in the world. This is such a mind-numbingly terrible idea, I hardly know where to begin. But along with it come such goodies as a nationwide $15/hour minimum wage, universal free healthcare, government-paid vacations for “the workers,” and a jihad against income inequality.

This guy would’ve been the Democrat presidential candidate last year if Hillary hadn’t cheated him out of it.

Granting that this kind of twaddle is only to be expected from persons who’ve done nothing in all their adult lives but loiter in the halls of government and dream up crackpot schemes to waste our money, while enriching themselves, it’s still full-blown loony. Never having tried to operate a business, never even having held a real job in their lives, they have absolutely no idea how wealth is created (by people working, for instance) and no interest in remedying their ignorance.

Page after page after page of this stuff! Most of it’s just the same old crap I heard when I was in college in the 1960s. Down with The Rich. Make Them pay for everything. We want Change. Aaaah, fa’naboli!

I think I’ll stop for now, and look for something edifying.

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  1. I don’t envy you Lee. It all sounds great to the Collidge kids who have no real skin in the game. The rest of us know better. His ideas have been tried and have never worked. And yet they keep trying the same things over and over again. That is the definition of insanity.

  2. When I know someone doesn’t believe in the Biblical God, I really don’t care to hear anything they have to say because I want to resonate to truth and a genuine spirit of life. Bernie Sanders went to the U,S.S.R on his honeymoon and is still proud of it. Do you think I want to buy and read his book? Sheol, no! I hope the people who have hired Lee to review it make it monetarily worth all the headache of dissecting Bernie’s garbage.

    1. Actually, I volunteered for the job. At Chalcedon, we devote considerable time to trying to get people to see where the enemy is wrong.

      This guy was almost the Democrat nominee for president (and would’ve been, if the DNC and Hilllary hadn’t cheated him out of it). Heaven help us, he has a following. Especially among mentally defenseless collidge stodents. I don’t think we would do well to ignore bad stuff like this.

  3. It will be interesting to see how the “free” colleges will operate with no one willing to work there because there’s no money to pay them with. And I’m not talking just about the administrators and faculty, but also the office staff, the maintenance and custodial workers, the security guards, and all those other “little people” whom the lefties always claim to be concerned about.

    I also wonder how the colleges will pay for the utilities and other upkeep costs — all of which are provided by companies that employ the “little people” who’d like to get those high wages that the lefties demand for them.

    But lefties haven’t the vaguest idea of where money comes from or how companies function. I know, because I was once a lefty — and I’m not referring to my hands, but to my misguided notions.

    1. Lefties seem to think that money is finite so it has to be shuffled around to the have-nots. They don’t understand that wealth can be generated from virtually nothing. Take Bill Gates. He started in a garage and is now worth billions.

    2. But they act like it’s in infinite supply, like it grows on trees or rains down from the sky; and fabulous wealth is only to be resented when someone has it who’s not a liberal.

      But to use the word “think” in reference to leftids probably gives them too much credit.

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