Cats Discovering Snow

I envy these cats. I can’t remember my first experience of snow, but it must’ve been a good one because I still love snow.

Not all cats love it. My cat Henry blamed me for it when it snowed, especially if he got it on his feet. Then I’d get a lot of angry yapping at me.

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2 responses to “Cats Discovering Snow

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    We like to make “angels” in the snow, cats like to make cats!

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  • UnKnowable

    My reaction to these videos are frequently the same, I delight in the innocence of these beautiful animals. While they are effective as hunters, for the most part their behavior reminds me of small children, without guile and with no hidden motives.

    Here’s an amazing fact for all you cst lovers. While we think of cats primarily as pets and companions, they actually serve a very important social purpose. Cats are essential to the storage of grain. If there are cats around, you can store grain bit without cats, the rodents will gain the upper hand and it will be very hard to keep grain safely. Obviously, they serve to protect our homes from pests as well, and all of this in a sleek, beautiful package that gives affection and purrs when you pet it. God’s stuff works.


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