An Even Bigger Big Cat

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“Unknowable” has pointed out that there is a cat even bigger than the American lion was: the liger, the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger. These hybrids are sterile, which is probably a very good thing. We wouldn’t want them devouring all the elephants.

I, Mr. Nature, stand corrected. I knew about these critters but wasn’t counting them because they can’t reproduce themselves. There’s also a tiglon, with a tiger father and a lion mother: not quite so big, but somewhat more aggressive.

Nature sure is full of surprises.

3 comments on “An Even Bigger Big Cat

  1. If they can’t reproduce themselves, where did that cub on the liger’s back come from? Another lion/tiger mating? And has this liger adopted the new baby?

    1. I do t think that they are always sterile. Hybrids are not always sterile and I think that some Ligers may we’ll have proven fertile.

      They are magnificent animals.

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