Braveheart… the Hamster

We saw a few seconds of this in last night’s video, but here’s the whole heroic effort. I defy any human being to match this feat! I mean, if you could just find stairs big enough.

My wife asked, “Why on earth is the hamster doing that?” “To get to the top of the stairs,” was all I could think of. But will he make it? Will he climb the entire colossal staircase? Stay tuned to find out.

5 comments on “Braveheart… the Hamster

  1. I make that to be somewhere between 50 and 60 feet in human terms, and he did it basically by pulling himself up with the strength of his front legs and slight assistsnce from his back legs. I’ve climbed a 60’ ladder before, but not that fast, and I was pretty much spent when I got to the top.

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