When Hamsters Hit the Skids

Apparently hamsters like sliding. I wonder how it compares to running so fast inside an exercise wheel that first your legs and then the rest of you turns into a blur.

The famed Egyptologist Howard Carter, who discovered and opened Tutankhamen’s tomb, has nothing to say about sliding hamsters.

Kittens & Hamsters (Really?)

Oh, come on, now! This is getting out of hand. Cats and hamsters, all buddy-buddy? What’s next?

Domesticated animals can learn to behave in ways they’d never think of in the wild. I’m sure I remember hamsters as being grumpier than they are now, but that was a long time ago and hundreds of hamster generations have been bred since then.

Will the kitten still be the hamster’s friend when he grows up to be a cat?

Who knows? Animals can always surprise us.

Kittens & Hamsters (It Just Might Work)

Hamsters were kind of grump little souls, when I was just a boy; but it looks like that’s been largely bred out of them and now they’re much friendlier.

So here are kittens trying to make friends with hamsters: nobody taught them they were supposed to eat them. And no one taught the hamsters to be afraid of kittens.

My cats never showed much interest in my mice, beyond a casual sniff or two. It was the baby fence lizards that they wanted to wolf down. But they couldn’t get the lid off the tank.

It Ain’t Nascar, but It’s Furry

Somehow whenever I see a hamster racing along behind the wheel of a sports car, it makes me feel there’s life in this old world yet. Even if the car is radio-controlled.

Dogs and cats consent to ride these vehicles. I wonder why they don’t just jump off. Maybe they enjoy it. I can’t imagine mice not jumping off, and I don’t know about rabbits.

Hyper Hamsters

How do hamsters do this? My mice enjoyed their exercise wheel, but never went anywhere near that fast. You’d think that after a while the hamster would realize what would happen if he pushed the wheel too hard, and he’d slow down. But you would be hopelessly wrong.

The hamster’s legs, as he does this, are only a blur. Consider: If a human being were running so fast that his legs could only be filmed as a blur… how fast would he be going?

It’s something to think about if you can’t get to sleep.

Whoa, Hamster! (Bonus Video)

This is too short to serve as our feature fillum tonight, but it’s well worth seeing. Is this a super-hamster? Look at him take those stairs! One cannot but marvel…

Are Hamsters Crazy?

Just because you’re little and fuzzy doesn’t mean you can’t be nuts. These hamsters are determined to prove it.

Consider two things. 1) If a human being, like a hamster, were to run so fast that the camera could only record his legs as a blur–just how fast would he be going? And 2) why don’t these shenanigans on the wheel make hamsters desperately dizzy? That’s probably something NASA should investigate!

Marco Polo Was a Hamster

Well, okay, maybe he wasn’t–but as an explorer, he had nothin’ on the hamster in this video.

Imagine yourself in the Land of Huge Colossal Giants (about 12 miles south of Sayreville, NJ), stuck in a giant’s house where the risers on the stairs are ten feet high. Are you going up those stairs? Ah! But the hamster goes tirelessly up and down the stairs and all around the house, and even climbs up into somebody’s lap for a brief cuddle.

Determined little character, isn’t he?

Roly-Poly Hamsters

A couple different people have told me that the video I posted yesterday, of cats reacting to cat videos, occasioned some consternation among their own cats. Well, I don’t want to acquire that kind of reputation. This evening, instead of cats or dogs, I offer hamsters. No one really notices whether hamsters like a video or not. They mostly keep those opinions to themselves.

The Edmund Hillary of Hamsters

Admit it–if you were a hamster’s size, you’d never get up this flight of stairs, not if your life depended on it. I knew someone once who was as small as a hamster, and he just couldn’t manage stairs.

But watch this little guy! He doesn’t just climb ’em; he climbs ’em fast.