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You’ve Never Seen a Hamster Do This Before!

Short but superb! Watch the light-grey hamster who keeps hopping into the big dish. And then see what he does next. He is obviously doing it on purpose. I think he likes it.

Do these little guys have a sense of fun, or what?

Hamsters Forever

You know what’s cool about hamsters? Like cats, they can pack themselves into spaces that’re smaller than they are. We clumsy humans have never mastered that. Hamsters can also be spun around and around and around without getting dizzy–and even cats can’t do that.

If you like little roly-poly critters who do things that aren’t always easy to explain, these hamsters are for you.

Hamsters a la Carte

Some people think hamsters don’t do anything but sleep, fight with each other, and run on wheels. This video will prove them wrong.

Hamsters do a lot of different things. One of them, I hope, is to attract visitors to this blog today. We shall see.

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