Last Call for Christmas Hymn Requests

Not that I’m going to say “No!” if you come along tomorrow with a request for a Christmas hymn; but I won’t be asking for anymore requests until this year’s Christmas season. Meanwhile, I pray that the Lord Our God will grant this past Christmas extraordinary power, all throughout the year, to draw men’s hearts to Jesus Christ, our rightful king and only Savior, Amen.

So enjoy this curtain call for Gesu Bambino, by the unforgettable Luciano Pavarotti. I don’t know about you, but this hymn movies me to tears every time.

3 comments on “Last Call for Christmas Hymn Requests

  1. Truly beautiful — both the music and the voice. Every day, I pray for all who have brought beauty into my life, that they may share in God’s eternal Beauty forever. And among those I specify in particular are the musicians: singers, composers, conductors, and instrumentalists.

    But back to the last call for hymns. I notice you’ve given us some carols by the Robert Shaw chorale. I once had an album of their Christmas carols, and I remember that they did a really rousing version of “The Boar’s Head Carol.” Do you suppose you can post it — or another version of it? (It always used to make me hungry, but definitely not for a boar’s head! A rump roast or loin, maybe….)

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