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Last Call for Christmas Hymn Requests

Not that I’m going to say “No!” if you come along tomorrow with a request for a Christmas hymn; but I won’t be asking for anymore requests until this year’s Christmas season. Meanwhile, I pray that the Lord Our God will grant this past Christmas extraordinary power, all throughout the year, to draw men’s hearts to Jesus Christ, our rightful king and only Savior, Amen.

So enjoy this curtain call for Gesu Bambino, by the unforgettable Luciano Pavarotti. I don’t know about you, but this hymn movies me to tears every time.

Pavarotti, ‘Adeste Fideles’

I don’t feel like posting any news just now. How about some more Christmas music? Like Luciano Pavarotti singing Adeste Fideles at Notre Dame Cathedral, Montreal, back in 1978.

What a voice he had! A God-given gift, brought to full glory by his stewardship of it, hard work and practice. Listen! And I dare you to remain unmoved.

‘Gesu Bambino’ (Pavarotti!)

I wanted to wash the bad taste out of my mouth, left by the world’s nooze, and so I turned to this: Gesu Bambino, sung by the immortal Luciano Pavarotti–and now I can’t swallow so good, and there are tears in my eyes.

Tears of joy for the beauties of holiness, for the Christmas season, for the good news, the best news–Jesus Christ is born!

‘Gesu Bambino’ (with Pavarotti)

First published in 1917, this beautiful Italian Christmas carol, Gesu Bambino, needs no translation into English: just lean back and listen. We’ve got Luciano Pavarotti singing, with backup by the Vienna Boys Choir. Let the music draw you into Christmas.

P.S.–I’m all caught up on your Christmas music requests, everybody, so now I’d like to take some more. Don’t leave it all up to me and the same little handful of readers–everybody pitch in.

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