About Those ‘Disabled’ Comments

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From time to time you will wish to comment on a post, only to be told “Comments are disabled” or “comments are off.”

This is because WordPress automatically disables comments without my asking for it, and I must take an extra step if I want a post opened for comments. That would be all of them. But occasionally I’ll forget to take that step, and that’s when WordPress swings into action, disabling the comments in true mindless, pointless, idle Artificial Intelligence fashion.

Eventually I’ll find out about it, one way or another, and correct it.

I’m afraid to ask the WordPress Happiness Engineers to step in and remedy this, lest they replace it with a worse problem that I can’t so easily correct. You know I’ve had my share of those lately.

And so, when you want to comment but you can’t, because they’ve shut down the comments, either let me know about it by commenting on another post, or just patiently wait for me to discover the error and fix it.

If a human employee ever worked like a computer, he’d be fired. And maybe get a damn good thrashing to go with it.

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