Please Tell Me They Were Kidding…

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In 1997, at the National Governors Assn. Winter Meeting, Hollywood director Rob “Meat-Head” Reiner, who is not a governor, introduced a scheme for government “experts” to intervene in the development of every child from birth to age three, so as to ensure that everyone “develops” properly. Meat-Head then introduced a–well, a scientist, who “displayed two brains, one of a criminal and one of a healthy individual…” Image result for images of meathead rob reiner

Hasn’t learned a blessed thing in all these years…

Please tell me this was from a remake of Young Frankenstein. It was just a put-on, right? They had to be kidding. I mean, really, this was like a 1950s TV commercial for a new brand of mouth-wash…

No such luck. It was all too real, and you can read about it in Sex, School, and Politics by Donna Hearne, a former official in the U.S. Dept. of Education under President Reagan. (Published by the Constitutional Coalition, St. Louis MO, 1997)

With enough expert managing and supervision of family life, Meat-Head declared, there won’t be any more of those ugly-looking criminal brains. There will be only normal, happy, healthy brains. No more problems, no more crime–utopia at last! And we’ll owe it all to Science and the government!

Mrs. Hearne’s little book was written 20 years ago, describing the chain with which our betters thought to bind us. As Marley’s ghost might say, “And they have labored on it ever since. It is a ponderous chain!”

If you’ve already read R.J. Rushdoony’s The Messianic Character of American Education, in which the creators of our public education system testify against themselves in their own words, you already know the game plan:

Human beings are perfectible by government and science, using whatever degree of violence, duplicity, and coercion is necessary, with the objective of gaining total control over every aspect of every human being’s life–with unfettered sex provided as the anesthetic.

Conspiracies are hatched in secrecy. This is done in plain sight. And no one is stopping it.

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  1. This is the problem in our age of fame. Rob Reiner is an actor, funny at times, but not one of my favorites by any means. Being the son of a famous comedian and acting in a hit sitcom in the early seventies doesn’t make him much of an authority on anything of significance, but for some reason he is seen as a symbol of all that is good by some people. They can’t separate the man from the character he played, and apparently don’t understand that the “character” was only reciting the lines written by the show’s writing team.

    The show was a parody of a conservative father, a nearly brainless mother and a liberal daughter, along with her husband, whom apparently was unable to support his own household and had to live with his in-laws. It seemed cutting edge and funny, when I was 16, but I think its greatest social effect was to spread all sorts of racial slurs far and wide, to a viewing audience, many of whom were impressionable youngsters whom had never heard such terms before. It was, in retrospect, an engine of intolerance and hatred, operating under the guise of being honest and open.

    So what qualifies this actor to be passing out advice on child rearing to a bunch of governor’s? Why did they even give him a moment’s attention? The on,y reason he was there is that he is easily recognizable. Since when does fame equate to relevance?

  2. Oh, what would we do without the brilliant science community to help us up off our knees and into the light!? To think we have lived all these years,
    been parents, employees and business owners, leaders in one field or another and without the guidance of such “superior intelligences” as these folks. I shake my head– it is to laugh, but not with true mirth- only disgust.

  3. When this mess gets to be too much, try listening to the great worship song, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. That helps me very much.

  4. Working in the gov’t schools in the Bible Belt, I witness plenty of potential criminal brains. I can just image how far Left the Sanctuary States school systems are.
    Isn’t is ironic that today’s U.S. collige students are the most privileged generation in the history of mankind, yet see themselves as victims and are afraid they are going to die.

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