Please Tell Me They Were Kidding…

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In 1997, at the National Governors Assn. Winter Meeting, Hollywood director Rob “Meat-Head” Reiner, who is not a governor, introduced a scheme for government “experts” to intervene in the development of every child from birth to age three, so as to ensure that everyone “develops” properly. Meat-Head then introduced a–well, a scientist, who “displayed two brains, one of a criminal and one of a healthy individual…” Image result for images of meathead rob reiner

Hasn’t learned a blessed thing in all these years…

Please tell me this was from a remake of Young Frankenstein. It was just a put-on, right? They had to be kidding. I mean, really, this was like a 1950s TV commercial for a new brand of mouth-wash…

No such luck. It was all too real, and you can read about it in Sex, School, and Politics by Donna Hearne, a former official in the U.S. Dept. of Education under President Reagan. (Published by the Constitutional Coalition, St. Louis MO, 1997)

With enough expert managing and supervision of family life, Meat-Head declared, there won’t be any more of those ugly-looking criminal brains. There will be only normal, happy, healthy brains. No more problems, no more crime–utopia at last! And we’ll owe it all to Science and the government!

Mrs. Hearne’s little book was written 20 years ago, describing the chain with which our betters thought to bind us. As Marley’s ghost might say, “And they have labored on it ever since. It is a ponderous chain!”

If you’ve already read R.J. Rushdoony’s The Messianic Character of American Education, in which the creators of our public education system testify against themselves in their own words, you already know the game plan:

Human beings are perfectible by government and science, using whatever degree of violence, duplicity, and coercion is necessary, with the objective of gaining total control over every aspect of every human being’s life–with unfettered sex provided as the anesthetic.

Conspiracies are hatched in secrecy. This is done in plain sight. And no one is stopping it.

Educational Disaster, and the Racial Grievance Industry

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Here are some appalling facts and figures provided by Walter Williams today in his column (

Baltimore has 39 high schools. In 2016, in 13 of those high schools, not a single student passed the state’s math proficiency exam. Of 3,800 students who took the test, only 14 passed it! Meanwhile, only 15 percent of the students passed the English test.

What’s that you say? The schools need more money? Uh-uh. Baltimore ranks No. 3 in per-pupil spending among the nation’s 100 largest school districts.

Despite this wretched performance on the tests, Baltimore hands out high school diplomas to just about everyone who shows up to get one, and some of them go on, of course, to college–some even on scholarships. And a lot of those, once they get there, fail because they have had no meaningful educational foundation. Others go on to fail in other areas of life.

They wonder how this can be. After all, they have diplomas, just like all those white students who didn’t fail in college (and Dr. Williams points out that the white kids’ educational foundation is nothing to write home about, either). And along come the usual race hustlers and tell these young black people that they fail because of–you guessed it–systemic racism. Meanwhile, the NAACP busies itself opposing any and all attempts to reform the education system. The racial grievance industry is allied, as in joined at the hip, to the teachers’ unions. They’re both in it for the money.

These young people are the prey of thieves and hypocrites, victims of an over-funded, over-staffed, incompetent, dishonest public education system whose sole interest is in fattening their paychecks. God only knows how many potentially productive minds are being wasted by these “educators” and their political protectors. Some of these kids might have accomplished great things, if only they’d been educated.

Instead, all they’ve got is worthless, meaningless diplomas–and a nice big chip on their shoulders, carefully put there by the predators.