Census Bureau: California Now the Poorest State in USA

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I cannot explain why so many people still think Big Government really works.

According to the Census Bureau Supplemental Poverty Measure, one out of five California residents is… poor (https://pjmedia.com/trending/whats-matter-california/).

This in spite of the fact that from 1992 to 2015, the state of California spent over $950 billion on assorted welfare programs. It’s gotta be over a trillion by now.

At least 55 percent of California’s “immigrants,” including multitudes of illegals, receive government benefits. Can’t get by without ’em.

And in 2014, California had 883,000 full-time state and local government employees.

And yet California has the highest poverty rate among all 50 states.

Hmmm… Should they spend even more money? Import even more poor people from poor countries? Hire twice as many government employees? Yeah, that’d work.

One thing you can’t deny: Big Government socialism is a wiz at producing Third World countries. That’s what California’s turning into. This is what happens to places ruled by Democrats.

7 comments on “Census Bureau: California Now the Poorest State in USA

  1. Don’t feel sad, Lee. Now that your Governor has decided to make New Jersey a “welcoming” state and spend oodles of your money on the “rights” of invaders, I mean illegal aliens, I mean undocumented immigrants, soon your own state will be giving California a good run for its (lack of) money as the top-ranking poverty center of the nation.

    1. Our new idiot governor was sworn in today, so the radio featured a lot of man-on-the-street interviews. Everybody they talked to said they hoped the new governor would lower taxes.

      Are they mad? Expecting a Democrat to reduce taxes is like waiting for the Easter Bunny to give you the deed to the Fountain of Youth.

    2. I notice that he also wants to raise the minimum wage and legalize marijuana. He says he wants to make NJ a “progressive beacon.” I guess you’ll need a beacon of some sort as the state sinks into civilizational darkness, but I wouldn’t want to steer by the progressive one.

  2. I haven’t been to California in a few years, mostly because my last trip there was disheartening. The beautiful agricultural land of that state suffers from lack of irrigation and the place looks terrible. I spent the night in Palm Springs and stopped in Indio for breakfast, with panhandlers all around. “They called it paradise, the place to be”, but not anymore. It looks like hell.

  3. Unfortunately, this scenario will soon be the norm in this nation – all 50 states will be affected to one degree or another. We’re headed for a big fall and I can’t say it’s undeserved. Judgment isn’t meant to be easy.

  4. I left southern California in 1976 because I could read the writing on the wall. I have been able to establish a wonderful existence here in Fort Smith, Arkansas (we voted for Trump, and Tom Cotton is one of our Senators). This State really became better when the Clintons left and the Republicans took over.

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