Rebuking Your Cat

Scold a dog and he’ll get all upset and pathetic. Scold a cat, and he’ll just look at you. Like, you didn’t really think those paper towels were yours, did you? Although my cats will stop doing certain things if they hear me utter certain words in a certain tone of voice. Still, it would be unfair not to mention that they mostly get yelled at for fighting; they wouldn’t dream of tearing up my paper towels.

7 comments on “Rebuking Your Cat

  1. A cat knows that vocal rebukes mean little, and even chasing with threatening gestures can be turned away with Cute Eyes and a Silent Meow.

    1. Those silent meows melt my heart.

      The only feline punishment I have ever administered was to a Tom that pooped in my bed as a form of protest. I gave him a very close up view of his handiwork, nose first. He seemed to understand the message. Other than that, I don’t even bother to take exception to a cat’s actions. Why frustrate myself? 🙂

    2. I am sure that someday everything will sink in, if I continue to give my cats a good talking-to when the occasion calls for it.

    3. They are looking at you and thinking the same thing. “Sooner or later, this human will realize that we are the ones in charge here.” 🙂

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