Win a Date with Joe Collidge!

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Yes, hours of pure astonishment can now be yours! All you have to do is win a contest, and you get the company of our contributing doofus, Joe Collidge, all to yourself for an entire evening. Or less, if you can’t take that much of it.

The object of this contest is to invent a contest for which a date with Joe would be a suitable first prize. The object of this post is to somehow attract readership on a really slow day so far, but that’s a side issue.

So, if you want to know what it’s like to have Joe’s moth antenners waving in your face, put on your thinking cap and start thinking!

25 comments on “Win a Date with Joe Collidge!

  1. Ok, first one to genetically engineer a virus which can eradicate all life gets a date with Joe Collidge. One very bad idea deserves another. 🙂

    1. Okay, but I think the winner must **first** genetically engineer a virus which can eradicate all life before claiming the prize.

  2. Maybe a contest to see who has the most “victim” squares filled in on an intersectionality grid? Like a kind of victim bingo?

  3. And pardon me for not participating with comments as much as usual this week. I’m still recovering from an exciting adventure in the emergency room Wednesday afternoon and evening. Fortunately but embarrassingly, what seemed at first like a blood clot, heart attack, or stroke turned out to be merely a flareup of extreme osteoarthritis which had caused level-9 pain and complete immobilization throughout my left hand and arm. I’m just about back to normal now (as normal as an Old Lady can hope to get, of course), except for still needing a lot of sleep. Thanks be to God — and to several friends who were praying for me throughout the ordeal.

    Joe Collidge would probably find a way to call all of this white privilege. I mean “privvolidge.”

    1. What’s with that “Old Lady” stuff? You are way, way cool, and that’s what counts!

      And if we had known, we’d have all been praying for you.

      Anyway, it’s not exactly the Peter Pan crowd around here, is it? True, I’d like to add some teenagers to the mix–but only because cool is ageless, and I’ve met many teens whose company I enjoy.

      People don’t naturally get dull. That’s largely the work of our ha-ha education system and our comic book-centered pop culture. Sort of like plunging the brain into a vat of formaldehyde.

    1. Only if it’s non-threatening, non gender-normative gray/grey, spelled both ways, so as not to offend anyone. Make sure to wash them first, then apologize to the earth for using the water. 🙂

    2. Well that makes it even more difficult. Should the grey/gray be light or dark or possibly even charcoal?

    3. I think the ones with the red stripe at the toe would be a hit – rather like the heavy duty winter wool socks I remember my dad wearing (and the wool would probably be considered a delicacy) 🙂

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