A Hymn for Sailors, ‘Salva Nos’

I don’t know if Salva Nos, by the Mediaeval Baebes, is an authentic medieval hymn. But I do know that even the oldest hymn was new, once. Anyway, what could be more timeless than “Save us, O Star of the Sea and Queen of Heaven”?

Nor do we forget Who it was who stood up when the waves tossed and the boat began to fill with water, and bid the wind be still, and the water be at peace: and so it was (Mark 4). When Jesus Christ bids the sea be still, it is still.

3 comments on “A Hymn for Sailors, ‘Salva Nos’

  1. Absolutely, He is in full control of every storm. Our part is just to have faith and know that He is God.
    My late husband would have loved this hymn. He was a sailor and loved the sea and the Lord of the sea.

  2. One of the things I really like about your blog, Lee, is that I never know what to expect with the music, except that I expect it will be good. Salva Nos is delightfully different.

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