For the Rest of the Day…

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All right, it’s a picture of a giraffe and it has nothing to do with the subject matter of this post. Just thought you might like it, is all.

I called the hospital this morning, but they were too busy to talk to me and so I have to wait for them to call me back with an update on Aunt Joan. The last I heard was last night, when they called to get my consent for them to give her a unit of blood. Well, maybe it’s “no news is good news.”

The sun is shining, I’m going to go outside and linger over a peaceful cigar (which will probably make the phone ring), and if nothing worse is dropped on my head, I’ll attempt to carry on business as usual. I was looking forward to doing an Oy, Rodney episode today–after all, laughter is a gift from God, and I, for one, could use some! We’ll see.

Thank you all for your prayers: we all need each other’s prayers, and that makes us a church. We belong to Jesus Christ and He will not misplace us, forget us, or ignore us.

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  1. The giraffe to me seems an engineering marvel. Sleek and graceful in spite of how nearly impossible the design looks. Our God is so indescribable!

    Enjoy your cigar 🙂

    1. They have special valves in the blood vessels of their necks which keep them from having blood pressure fluctuations when they move their heads from treetop level to ground level. Yeah, I know, 80,000 gazillion generations of giraffes developed these by natural selection. Hear the one about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? 🙂

    2. Something just occurred to me that I hadn’t noticed or thought of until this minute – the seven dwarfs and peter pan all had the same type of hat, just variants of the Phrygian cap.

  2. The toughest thing to do is to carry on once you’ve reached the limit of your ability to influence matters, but it’s all you can do. Just live your day as best you can and wait to see how things turn out.

  3. Waiting can be difficult when it involves someone you love. Praying for you and your Aunt Joan.

  4. We all continue praying for your Aunt Joan and for you. It’s often harder to stand at the foot of the Cross than to hang on it ourselves.

  5. I’m glad you are enjoying sunshine today. We are under a tornado watch, and the county south of us is under a tornado warning. Hoping you don’t hear any national news about Fort Smith, Arkansas tomorrow.

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