Prayer Request: Billie Kaye

Marge has asked us to pray for her sister-in-law, Billie Kaye, who is in the hospital following a suicide attempt. This is always a shock to the family, especially when the person seems otherwise healthy and good to go.

Well, we’re not here to inquire into it, but to pray. O Lord our God, be merciful to your servant, Billie Kaye, for Jesus’ sake; and whatever sickness of the soul it was that moved her to so terrible an act, please, Father, take it away from her, heal her, and make her clean. And comfort her family around her, enfold them in your love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

4 comments on “Prayer Request: Billie Kaye

  1. Marge, as I echo Lee’s prayer, which brought me to tears, please know you, your sister-in-law and your family will remain in my prayers. My family has been touched by such a tragic thing three times, all of which were successful. My heart sends up prayers for you that do not have words.

  2. Dear Lord, good physician, we beg you to bring healing of mind and body to Marge’s sister-in-law Billie Kaye, and strength and comfort to the whole family. We ask your help in Jesus’ name, amen.

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