When Did *This* Happen??

How the GOP establishment loses the battle of wits… always

Remember Michael Steele? Used to be Republican National Committee chairman, a few years ago. Now a Never Trumper.

He’s mad at evangelicals who support President Trump ( https://ijr.com/the-response/2018/01/1054669-former-rnc-chair-trumps-evangelicals-backers-should-shut-the-hell-up/) . To them he says, “Just shut the hell up and don’t ever preach to me about anything ever again…After telling me how to live my life, who to love…[emphasis added]” And then he goes off on a rant against Donald Trump’s alleged immoralities, yatta-yatta.

Meanwhile–whoa! What does he mean, “telling me… who to love”? When did the Republican establishment hop aboard the homosexual phony marriage bandwagon?  Was it like when you’re playing chess and your opponent points and shouts, “Look at that!” and you turn for a moment and of course there’s nothing there, but while you were distracted for that second or two, he snatched your rook? Did our attention flag for just a moment–and that was all it needed for the  bow tie and country club crowd to desert us on the issue of marriage?

Dude, it’s not us evangelicals telling you that you can’t have another guy as your sex partner. Imagine how easy it’d be for us, if all we ever had to do was go with the flow, whatever the trend, that’s how we bend. But it’s not our call. It’s God’s.

I don’t understand Never Trumpers. The alternative was Hillary Clinton, and that’s inexcusable. I’m a fantasy writer, I get paid to imagine weird things–but I can’t bear to spend much time imagining a Hillary presidency. Is that what Never Trumpers would’ve been willing to settle for?

We didn’t vote for Donald Trump because we thought he was a saint. We voted for him because he is not Hillary Clinton. His actual performance as president has been a glorious surprise to me–far, far better than I’d ever dared to hope.

The GOP establishment: the guys who spend seven years swearing they’re gonna repeal Obamacare as soon as they get the chance; and when at last they have a president who’s eager to sign a bill repealing Obamacare–they don’t bloody do it!

That’s another reason to be for Trump. Because he isn’t them.

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  1. That nonsense about being told “who [sic] to love” always makes me gnash my teeth. First of all, aside from the grammatical solecism, what they’re talking about has precious little to do with love; it’s all about sex, and specifically sexual behavior. It’s quite possible to love someone without having sex with him or her.

    Second, given that the topic is really sex, not love, the issue isn’t about their being forced to have sex with a specified person (aka “whom to love”). In other words, no one has ever suggested ordering a person to have sex with a given other person.

    Third, they’ve always been able to “love” anyone they want, and no one has told them otherwise. However, there have in fact been laws against having sex with certain types of individuals — including with minors, corpses, unwilling individuals, etc. Imagine a convicted rapist complaining that he’s being told “whom to love.” (Actually, NAMBLA has been working on this one in regard to sex with minors, i.e., statutory rape.)

    Third, if they themselves would just “shut the h*** up” (in Steele’s words”) about whom they’re having sex with, no one would tell them anything. Instead, they want everyone to stand around applauding them while they’re having sex, and anyone who won’t applaud gets threatened, bankrupted, and/or thrown in jail.

    And finally, the “don’t tell me whom to love” complainers seem to have a problem with God, Who HAS told us whom to love: God first, and then our neighbors — including our enemies. And those who object to our behavior.

    1. The transposition of the meanings of sex and love is a huge problem. Instead of treating sex as the Divine gift it is, for building families and a stable life, sex is now treated as some absolute right that should be fulfilled without question. This has led to startling divorce rates, the selfish behavior of people that impose themselves sexually upon co-workers, etc. and a loss of safety for children. This “freedom” has been quite costly for society as a whole.

      Perhaps the worst aspect of this is that it has blinded many people to the beauty of how he created life to be. By placing sex ahead of all else, an atmosphere has been created where females feel the need to be defensive and many males can’t see the beauty of women without thinking of sex. I’m very certain that this was not the original plan.

    2. Really a very cogent analysis–but don’t get mad at me: I can’t help it that Joe Collidge and his pals took it in a way you most certainly did not intend.

    3. Ah, yes, Joe’s Collidge Sovyat has decided to tell people whom to have sex with after all. It will be fun to watch the clash between Joe’s group and the LGBTQAIXYZBVD gang. But then again, to assume a fixed standard would be heteronormatively logocentric, would it not?

  2. I voted for Trump and I am amazed what a great job he is doing under the circumstances, even though Emenen calls Trump a F***ing turd, and our friend Ericritter calls him a clown. Trump’s spiritual advisors say Trump is now born-again; so if true, that means all his past sins are forgiven and he is a new creation in Christ.

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