When the Cat Minds the Baby

You can’t always get a baby-sitter when you need one, but sometimes a cat will do the job. Here are some cats with a knack for baby-sitting–including one wise cat who decides Junior really shouldn’t be fiddling with the stove. I had some nice baby-sitters when I was little, but none as nice and fuzzy as these. Then again, I’m sure Phyllis R. would not have wanted to be fuzzy.

4 comments on “When the Cat Minds the Baby

  1. That’s amazing! I watched this same video earlier today. I thought that cat had to be pretty smart to understand that babies and stoves don’t mix.

    I was quite taken with just how protective these cats seem to be when it comes to babies.

  2. Cats rule! Very impressive indeed. I wonder what sort of alarm goes off in a cat to make her realize the baby shouldn’t be near the stove. Her persistence was commendable too. And the kitty rocking the baby in the swing was adorable too 🙂

  3. The cat swinging the baby’s swing was my favorite, but they all kept a smile on my face. As usual, Lee’s text is interesting and humorous. I’m surprised he doesn’t charge people to be on his blog.

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