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Patience is a Catly Virtue

I wish we could know what a little baby is thinking when he first discovers a cat’s tail. And yes, my mother would definitely have plotzed, when she saw what use one baby made of the cat’s tail.

What cats have to put up with, from babies and puppies–!

A Fuzzy Shoulder to Cry On

Cats excel at comforting crying babies–who knew? Some of the kids in this video are a little old to be sitting around crying, but cats comfort them, too. A few of these cats can even turn crying into laughing.

Better than Play-Doh!

Cats & Babies: the Legend

Maybe if I write enough headlines like that, I’ll become a legend.

Here we find cats highly motivated to love and protect human babies. And we also find evidence that the human urge to put stuff on cats is probably basic to our nature. It’s always intriguing to see how many things you can put on a cat before he runs out of patience with it.

Son (and Daughter) of Cats & Babies

How do cats know they must be careful with human babies? Cats who have no experience with babies seem unsure of exactly what these creatures are. Like, they sort of look like the dumb doofuses who feed cats and change the litterbox–could they possibly be the human equivalent of kittens?

Cats Enduring Babies

You’ll be impressed by how patient most of these cats are with babies obstreperating at their expense. Note I said “most.” But don’t worry: no humans were hurt during the filming of these videos.

Still More Cats & Babies

I can’t stand any more nooze today, just can’t. So turn we unto some of God’s stuff…

Hey, some of these cats are bigger than the babies they’re playing with! And yet even when the baby plays rough–crawling on top of the cat, say–all the cats in this video seem to understand that you have to be gentle with a baby. How do they know that?

Pets & Babies Laughing

I can’t say any of my lizards ever laughed, and I had a lot of different kinds of lizards. None of my cats ever laughed, either. But oh, I love the sound of a gull laughing!

And what is it about dogs and cats that send babies into rolls and rolls of merry laughter? Don’t we wish we understood that batter? It may be a treasure just waiting to be unearthed.

And check out the dog who won’t let the toddler open the drawer and play with the cutlery. Extra milk-bones for him!

Cats & Dogs & Babies, Perfect Together

If Tarzan had been raised by cats or dogs rather than by manlike killer apes, he might have turned out a bit cuddlier.

Dig the babies who’ve already figured out how to enlist a dog or cat in a scheme to get rid of unwanted food.

More Cats & Babies

Well, I’ve had my fill of bad stuff today, including bad stuff that I’d just rather not write about–like enough, already.

So here’s some good stuff instead, God’s stuff. And I’m jealous of that baby who has a cat to hug that’s bigger than he is!

Cats & Babies: The Showdown

The cats in this video are not in the mood for the babies’ attentions. But with what gentleness they try to discourage those attentions! It would be the easiest thing in the world for a cat to scratch a baby–but none of these cats does anything to make the baby cry. How do they know they ought to be gentle with a human baby?

They’re smarter than you think.

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