Cats Discover Babies

These are all brand-new babies, with cats who’ve never encountered human babies before. Surprising, how cautious some of these cats are. My question: Do they understand that babies are, like, human kittens?

Cats Protecting Human Babies

I’m sure the dog in the first clip meant no harm to the toddler, but the cat chased him off anyway. Do cats understand that human babies are… well, babies? Funny-looking kittens? They do seem convinced that babies ought to be protected.

Cats & Babies (Awwww….)

You can’t go wrong with cuddly cats and happy little babies. I wish we’d had cats when I was a baby. Dream on–my mother would’ve plotzed, the first time the cat rubbed her face across the baby’s lips. Lighten up, Ma!

Kiddies & Kitties

It seems clear, from scads of video, that dogs and cats understand that human babies are–well, babies–and act accordingly. The same huge Doberman that would send me shinnying up a tree has the baby in stitches.

I don’t know where they got the baby orangutan.

Cats & Babies

I’ve never seen a video of a baby screaming with terror as a cat approached. And cats seem to like human babies… Do they understand that babies are, well, human kittens?

Betcha they do.


Revenge of the… Cuddlers!

I wonder what the benefits are, for a baby always to have someone warm and cuddly to snuggle with as she sleeps. The cats are pretty close to her own size, too. I’m told I just had a teddy bear; I don’t remember. But I’m sure cats would have been good for me.

Cats and Babies: The Return

(Please excuse the portentous title. I’ve always wanted to write one.)

Our cats get plenty of cuddling, but we are careful not to sit on them. I marvel at the patience shown by the cats in this video. They’ll put up with stuff from babies and toddlers that they’d never tolerate from us. Is it love?

Cats… and Human Kittens

I’ve seen enough Cat & Baby videos to believe that many cats understand babies as human kittens, and respond accordingly. Many, but not all.

Some fall in love with the baby, right off the bat. Others are very, very cautious. You’ll see one cat run all the way upstairs because the baby made a movement that unnerved him.

You haven’t ever done that, have you?

Baby & Cat Utopia

What a cute baby! And what a handsome cat–who, for once in his life, is bigger than the human who wants to pet him. Something tells me that these two don’t yet know each other well. But they’ll get there.

BREAKING NEWS: Mervyn Puncho has been sighted in someone’s back yard. Whose, we are not yet told.

Try This Simple Trick with a Cat and a Baby!

My mother would’ve plotzed if she ever saw any of her babies cuddling with a cat–but gee whiz! Obviously (in this video, at least) the baby is delighted by the cat. And the cat likes the baby, although he’s distracted by the camera. Clearly the cat makes the baby happy. And what’s wrong with that?

Pardon the headline; it’s an experiment.