Baby & Cat Utopia

What a cute baby! And what a handsome cat–who, for once in his life, is bigger than the human who wants to pet him. Something tells me that these two don’t yet know each other well. But they’ll get there.

BREAKING NEWS: Mervyn Puncho has been sighted in someone’s back yard. Whose, we are not yet told.

Try This Simple Trick with a Cat and a Baby!

My mother would’ve plotzed if she ever saw any of her babies cuddling with a cat–but gee whiz! Obviously (in this video, at least) the baby is delighted by the cat. And the cat likes the baby, although he’s distracted by the camera. Clearly the cat makes the baby happy. And what’s wrong with that?

Pardon the headline; it’s an experiment.

Video Treat: Toddler Rassles Cat

I haven’t yet looked at any nooze today. Maybe that’s why I feel good. Don’t worry, I’ll look later.

Meanwhile, this little video crossed my eye. Look at the fun they’re having–a cat and a baby. I don’t know that I’d allow it, in case either one of them gets over-zealous; but at least in this video all’s well in the kingdom.

Little Baby Puts the Whammy on a Cat

What a pity that we can’t remember the things we thought and felt when we were babies. Like, our first interactions with the family cat–what were those like?

Well, the baby here is a sealed book to us, but the cat is pretty easy to read. He’s confused. And wait’ll you see what happens when he tries to cover it up by playing cool.

Do babies ever go “Heh-heh-heh!”?

Babies Love Cats

I’ve had enough stupid nooze for one day–haven’t you? Let’s enjoy some of God’s stuff.

Want to give a baby some genuine jollies? Bring in a cat. No one’s better at making babies laugh. And looking at it from a cat’s point of view, what could be better than a cat-sized human?

Cat & Baby: It’s Love

How about a bit of cozy time, eh?

There’s tons of video showing cats loving human babies, so it must be a thing. The cat in this video seems cautious about it, but he soon comes around. I wish we’d had a cat when I was a baby, but I’m afraid my mother was too fastidious for that.

Cats & Babies: Crescendo of Doom

You’ll have to pardon the headline. I couldn’t resist it.

Some of these babies are pretty rough on the cat, but the cats are careful not to rough the baby. Heck, one of these cats is bigger than the baby. If you wonder about the value of these interactions, judge them by the babies’ laughter.

Cats & Dogs & Babies

In case I don’t have internet access this evening, I’d better post this cat video now.

See how good cats and dogs are with babies. It must be so good for a baby! I’m sure if I had this as a baby, I would have grown up to be more polite to Verizon representatives.

Cats & Babies: Whatever

I’ve got about two minutes before the internet plotzes out on me, so without further ado, here it is–cats protecting babies. Cozy time!

Cats & Babies: Cuddles

It’s remarkable how gentle cats can be with human babies, isn’t it? With just a little hiccup or two–

Baby chews on pacifier ring. Baby offers it to cat, who takes his turn to chew on it. Baby puts it back into his own mouth. I can just hear my mother let out a shriek that you could hear in Timbuctoo…