Just In: Nutella ‘Riots’ Sweep France

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I find this story somewhat disturbing, although I’m not quite sure why.

“Nutella” is a hazelnut and chocolate spread, very popular in Europe, although I’ve never seen it here. When the manufacturer decreed a 70 percent discount, mobs descended on supermarkets all over France. Violence broke out, and the police had to come in to keep it from getting out of hand (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-42826028).

Uh, just how good is this stuff? Is it worth a cracked head? I mean, I love Marshmallow Peeps, but I would never riot for them–not even with a 70 percent discount.

What’s up with France? Their countries being taken over by Muslims, and this is what excites them? France went crazy once, in 1789, the French Revolution. Could it happen again–or did all that business with the guillotines and Napoleon get it out of their system for good? As you can see by my name, I have roots in France: but that doesn’t mean I understand it. Half the time I don’t understand America.

And lest we feel tempted to sneer–well, how many times have you seen American shoppers do exactly the same thing?

The motivation for shopping riots totally eludes me.

8 comments on “Just In: Nutella ‘Riots’ Sweep France

  1. That’s absolutely crazy! I’ve tried this stuff and had no use for it. It’s supposedly a nutritious product, but it struck me more like chocolate icing.

    1. I’ll second that, Unknowable. It’s popular in South Florida, too. It’s versatile – from adding to a cup of coffee to spreading it on toast, people think it’s wonderful. Personally, I don’t care for it at all, even though I do like hazelnut and chocolate. Maybe it’s the texture. In any case, I’m not a fan. France can keep it.

  2. Even if Nutella were the most delicious substance in the world, the riots would still be disturbing. But then again, have you seen the videos of our own mobs on so-called Black Friday? Rapacious greed is part of the problem. And part of our fallen nature.

    Or maybe it’s just boredom. (Which may also lie behind the sudden fad among the young for eating detergent pods.) When there’s nothing for the mind to feed on, when there are no real problems to solve or no mental tools with which to solve problems, when there’s nothing to strive for because everything comes too easily or is an “entitlement,” then people go haring off after more and more stimulation, more and more conflict, more and more destruction, even if it ends in self-destruction. It’s like sticking pins in one’s psyche to check for signs of life.

  3. I have some Nutella in my kitchen cupboard but I have never even opened it. I guess I had better spread some on saltine crackers and find out what all the fuss is about. It reminds me of the popularity of spam in Hawaiian, nicknamed “Hawaiian Steak.” Span is even found on their Mcdonald’s menus. The Hawaiian underworld uses it as a form of currency (kinda of like tobacco was in early America for 200 years).

  4. Wow. Riots over peanut butter??

    It seems as though Europe’s situation keeps going downhill these days.

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