Clairvoyant Collidge Clods

President Trump will deliver his first State of the Union speech tomorrow, but the students at New York University were already panning it a week ago ( Asked what they thought of the speech, which has not yet been made, the collidge clods tore into it. Watch the Campus Reform video.

Gee, did someone leak the speech to them? Do they all have second sight? Or are they just a lot of ignorant prejudiced clowns whose minds have been disabled by what we laughingly call our education system?

When you pay for college, this is what you get.

4 comments on “Clairvoyant Collidge Clods

  1. Thanks for the video. I heard about this on the way home from a half day sub job at the local jr. high school on the “Rush Limbaugh Show.” The video is more revealing. A Christian friend of mine went to NYU and came out a Liberal who embraces Karl Barth theology.

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