Senator: Congress Shouldn’t Fund Colleges That Suppress Free Speech

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Uh-huh… And everyone who’s not you is a “bigot,” and everything they think and say is “hate.” Right.

Senator Ted Cruz told Campus Reform recently that Congress should stop funding colleges and looniversities where free speech is not allowed ( This comes following an executive order by President Donald Trump to stop granting federal research funds to colleges where the First Amendment is ignored.

“Congress should not fund colleges that do not support free speech,” Cruz said. “We’re not going to fund discrimination.” Colleges and universities commonly discriminate against anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the Far Left Crazy point of view.

We’ll see if Sen. Cruz goes so far as to introduce a bill to cut the funding–not that it’d get anywhere in the House, where neo-Stalinist Democrats are the majority. But maybe we, the voters, can pitch them out of the House in 2020 and the bill might stand a chance.

Otherwise we just continue with “higher education” as propaganda for the Left–and really expensive propaganda, at that.

Nevertheless, some small progress has been made. The president’s executive order is a reality. And two years ago no one in either house of Congress was saying what Cruz is saying now.

We should not be made to pay for the poison that our colleges are pouring down America’s throat.

Clairvoyant Collidge Clods

President Trump will deliver his first State of the Union speech tomorrow, but the students at New York University were already panning it a week ago ( Asked what they thought of the speech, which has not yet been made, the collidge clods tore into it. Watch the Campus Reform video.

Gee, did someone leak the speech to them? Do they all have second sight? Or are they just a lot of ignorant prejudiced clowns whose minds have been disabled by what we laughingly call our education system?

When you pay for college, this is what you get.

They Want a ‘Sanctuary Campus’

What is going to happen when the rest of us get too old to do it anymore, and we have to hand America over to today’s college students, tomorrow’s simpletons?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Campus Reform asked students at George Washington University–is there anyone in history who has more embarrassing stuff named after him?–if they thought it would be a good thing to protect illegal aliens by allowing the university to be a “sanctuary campus,” where America’s immigration laws are routinely disobeyed ( ).

Oh, yes, they thought that was a swell idea! But they would also like their campus to be a sanctuary from… final exams, repayment of student loans, and laws against underage drinking. A place where you can just do anything you want and never experience any pressure, any disapproval: as one airhead put it, “a safe space for everybody.” Unless you voted for Trump.

Wow, no exams. Everybody just hangs out at college for a while, without having to pay for it, and then when you finally feel like leaving, they hand you a degree.

It’s come to this: college eats your brain. America needs to be saved from its university system. I hope it’s not too late.