Back from the Doctor’s

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I got a clean bill of health today from Dr. Swan–blood pressure normal, no weight gain in spite of all those Patty casseroles and Christmas goodies–and my doctor promises to pray for me and my wife, so I came home happy.

Then I had to write my Newswithviews column for tomorrow, and there’s some editing work to be done for Chalcedon’s magazine, and I’d kind of like to find something to write about that won’t make me mad–not an easy task, these days. But that’s why I always try to post a cat or dog or bunny video after supper: by then I need a sanity break, and the popularity of those posts indicates I’m not alone.

Maybe a Mr. Nature…?

P.S.–You may have noticed I’ve selected a picture of a woman doctor. This is a salute to Dr. Pamela Hale, who has retired since I met her. If I were casting for a doctor’s part in a movie, I’d pick her. The idea of “women doctors” is one of those ideas that makes you wonder, “Why in the world did it take us so long to think of this?” But we did, in the end, and it’s been good for us.

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