Forcing You to Go to College???

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(Thanks to Linda for the news tip.)

I was going to wait till I calmed down a bit before I commented on this, but I think that might take too long.

New Mexico is considering legislation to force every high school student to apply to at least one college as a requirement for graduation (

This is, of course, nothing more than a jobs program for “educators.” And it’s bipartisan! That means it’s good, right? Like, the Evil Party and the Nothing Party have actually gotten together to sponsor this, so how could it be wrong?

This really is the limit.

Uh, what if you don’t want to go to college? What if you want to do something useful with your life–like, for instance, become a skilled auto mechanic–instead of sitting in a classroom “learning” about White Privilege?

This is only further evidence of how deeply our governing class despises us and just can’t stop gnawing at our liberties.

For crying out loud! There are already too many colleges and looniversities, too many overpaid and over-pensioned educators, and way, way, way too many young people going to college and having their minds turned into mush! We need to defund and shrink the bloated absurdity called “higher education,” not expand it even more.

This is a shameful and preposterous proposal, and it must be defeated.

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11 responses to “Forcing You to Go to College???

  • UnKnowable

    You nailed it, this is a jobs program for the otherwise unemployable.


    • Linda Sorci

      Not to mention having found another way to spend our money for us – forcing these young people into loans they can’t afford to begin with, thereby saddling the parents with further debt. I can almost hear the union leaders rubbing their grubby hands together and sneering. This whole scheme is shameful to say the least.


  • Erlene

    Are people so horribly brain-washed ? I guess they are. Let us see if this flies or is shot down.


  • marlene

    At least they won’t be able to work full time after high school, leaving their potential jobs for foreigners, and a boon to business interests. Less taxes being paid and another reason the liberals hate Trump’s tax plan – less to steal to buy votes.


  • marlene

    Cradle to grave for the totalitarian state. I’m saddened by how hard it was for our first generation under the Founders to now see how easy it is to roll downhill.


    • leeduigon

      I think they’re shooting for a time when they can compel you to stay in the classroom until you’ve got your Ph. D. Then you can start your adult life. Or not.


      • marlene

        LOL. Well for the democratic base you so correctly described, they’ll be shooting for generations before any of them get a Ph.D – or turn into adults. But that’s just me assuming they’ll even have to get a Ph.D legitimately. Or even what the word “legitimate” will mean once more democrats are elected by their illegal resident alien adoptees.


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    The gov’t school system doesn’t seem to do enough damage to kids made in the image of God in getting them to not believe God exists, so now four more years of brainwashing is to be required. What they sow they shall also reap – and it isn’t pretty (degradation never is).


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