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‘Libs and the Unjust Lottery of Life’ (2015)

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This has got to be the favorite image used by liberals to illustrate their view of life: an unjust lottery.


They don’t believe in a righteous God, in prayer, in the value of hard work or the rewards of innovation–so they have nothing left but Government. And the government, really, is them. The wise, the Experts, our betters. They will do all the things God should have done, but didn’t because He doesn’t exist. They will correct the injustices perpetrated by a random, chance-driven universe! Just give ’em all the power, all your money, and watch them create Utopia right before your eyes.

If we could just skip the part about the camps and the mass graves…

UN Takes Credit for ‘Changing the Weather’

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Changing the weather… the old-fashioned way

In addition to being venal, mendacious, and vain, our world’s ruling class also seems to be going downright loony.

From one Patricia Espinosa, head honcho of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, this astonishing remark:

“By raising our ambition of #climateaction, we are not just changing the weather, we are building a better future for us all” (https://www.wnd.com/2018/09/official-claims-u-n-regs-changing-the-weather/).

Great Caesar’s ghost.

So they’re changing the weather, are they? Impressive! It used to be you had to hire a witch to do that. But we can do better. We’ve got the dodos at the United Nations. And they’re changing the weather even as we speak.

This comes on the heels of our free and independent press, to wit The Washington Post, accusing President Donald Trump of being “complicit” in Hurricane Florence. They want to blame him for starting the hurricane in the first place, but they won’t credit him with tamping it back down to a Category 1.

If only we give these creatures fantastic new powers to control every aspect of our lives, and also hand over lots and lots more money to them, they’ll see to it that there’s no more bad weather. The Japanese government recently admonished its citizens “to go to sleep earlier” and not stay up watching TV ’cause it uses electricity. Do the people get a government bedtime story to help them into the Land of Nod?

God save us from fools who think they can save the world.

‘USDA to Grandma: Read the Kids Government Bedtime Stories’ (2014)

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The Obama regime spent some $9 million of our money on this little caper–government bedtime stories.


I remember when we used to look down on Red China for such ham-fisted micromanagement of people’s lives by the government. But it gets harder and harder to tell the difference between American liberals and Chinese communists.

Please, please, please don’t ever let these people get back into power. Not ever.

Total Control of Everyone and Everything: It’s a Big Job

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Well, here come the Pro-Choice crowd again, doing what they do best–taking away other people’s choices.

California’s about to enact a law forbidding public eating-places to offer or suggest any drink but milk or water–somehow this brings to mind the image of an old-time prison: the Chateau D’If, perhaps–to any children dining there… with or without their parents present (https://calmatters.org/articles/out-with-soda-juice-and-chocolate-milk-california-could-become-first-state-to-restrict-kids-meals/).

Okay, you can still get a soda, fruit juice, chocolate milk, or iced tea if you’re prepared to demand it; but they’d rather you didn’t. In the words of one Pro-Choice Democrat legislator, they’re just “making sure the choice is a healthful one.” You can have any beverage you want as long as it’s milk or water. This, hallucinate the bill’s sponsors, will eventually “cause a long-term behavior shift,” and the kiddies will turn up their noses at the forbidden sweet drinks and actually want only milk or water.

If you’re opposed to this, it must be because you don’t want the state of California to “combat obesity and diabetes.”

Ask a liberal, “Is there any aspect of human life over which government does not have the final word? Is anything at all not under its authority?” They’ll be stumped. And don’t let ’em get away with that jive about keeping the government out of our bedrooms–not when they’re always trying to drag Christians kicking and screaming into participating in a homosexual sham “wedding”.

But hoo, boy! When you’re setting yourself up as God, you’re setting yourself up for everything. Now it’ll be the state’s fault if kids in California are still fat, still get cavities.

When some people in Syria proposed to make Augustus Caesar a god, and build a temple to him, Augustus found the whole idea repellent and even quite ridiculous. “When some poor fool comes into my temple and prays to me to cure his gout, how am I supposed to do it? Tell me! How do I cure gout?”

But even a Roman Emperor had a better idea of his limitations than a California legislator.

‘A Simple Formula for Tyranny’ (2014)

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Civilizations rise and fall, but bad ideas go on forever.

If only our infallible Science could get together with an all-powerful government, we’d be living in a paradise!

Some really bad ideas just never dry up and blow away.


It was twaddle in the 1840s, it killed off tens of millions of people in the 20th century, and it’s still floating around today. Only now they’re calling it “Democratic socialism.”

A lot of folks just never learn.

‘The Magic of “Equality”‘ (2015)

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Why isn’t this man rich?

Somehow “income inequality” failed to become the hot campaign issue of the 2016 election–probably because it looks so freakin’ ridiculous when some gazillionaire politician complains about it and says that you, the hard-pressed taxpayer, ought to shell out more money so they can lavish it on ne’er-do-wells and sluggards.


Why do people in government make such preposterously extravagant claims? “We’re gonna create income equality! We’re going to stop the climate from changing! We’re gonna to direct the course of human evolution!”

Are these people quite all there?

And what’s wrong with us, that we allow liars and mountebanks to lord it over us?

Jury Duty–for the Dead

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The never-ending cascade of paperwork regarding Aunt Joan today featured [trumpet fanfare] a summons to jury duty.

Joan died in April. If she were still alive, she’d be 91 years old.

Maybe they could set up a ouija board in the jury box and get her input that way.

Heck, if she were a registered Democrat, she would surely be voting in November.

“I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you”–not.

UK Demands Control of Books’ Content Before They’re Written

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This is what I feared the Supreme Court would do to our country in the “wedding cake case.” Thank you, God, they didn’t.

But they’re getting ready to do it in Britain: dictate to writers the content of their books before the books are written.

A government-funded Far Left idiot group, the Center for Literacy in Primary Education, has demanded that children’s books “across all genres… place non-white characters in roles which are central to the narrative” (https://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/07/18/british-childrens-books-white/). They’re telling you what to put in your book before you write it.

This is because there just ain’t enough BAME characters in children’s books. Dig the new acronym. It means “black, Asian, and minority ethnic.”

The nooze media hop aboard the bandwagon. Complains The Guardian, British publishing is “still hideously… white.”

Who cares? Ask me if I care. Who’s stopping BAME writers from writing about BAME characters? The solution is to force all writers to write a certain way?

But leftists can’t do anything without coercion. It’s mother’s milk to them.

I think I might just shrivel up and die if some pressure group, or some government, had the power to tell me what to write and how to write it.

Has the UK lost all regard for freedom? Does Britain aspire to be the deathbed of liberty? Will its own liberals succeed–if they haven’t succeeded already–in turning it into a Third World basket case?

The Magna Carta was born here.

But it looks like liberty is dying here.


So Who Gets to Live in Your House?

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This fantastic example of government overreach was a story I covered for Chalcedon’s magazine back in 2010.


A local government “fair housing” agency in Michigan cut loose on a woman for advertising, on her church’s bulletin board, for a Christian roommate to live with her in the house that she owned. This was construed as some kind of hate crime.

But the case turned out to be a hot potato, much too hot to handle. The state civil rights agency tossed it to the federal government and the federal government quickly tossed it out the window–because they were getting phone calls, letters, and blog posts in a storm of public protest that they couldn’t stand.

Imagine that–some puffed-up local tinpot bureaucrat trying to dictate to you who you can or can’t have living in your own house. All in the interests of “diversity,” of course–you’ll thank us for it later on.

Thankfully it was way too big a bite for the state or the feds to chew; they very nearly choked on it.

But to this day the local Mussolinis who started it still aren’t talking.

‘The Cultural Wrecking Ball: Government’ (2014)

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One of the reasons why I’m a Christian instead of an atheist is that I can see with my own eyes how “post-Christian culture” is melting down the world I live in. Much if this demolition is performed by government, when it’s controlled by liberals.


Here’s a little bit more damage they were doing in Louisiana a few years ago. At the time I got trolled pretty good for writing about it.

No one has ever explained why anything like this is a good idea.

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