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Movie Guy: ‘We’re Doomed!’ (2017)

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All because we didn’t pay a carbon tax!

Actually, I seem to have even less patience with Hollywood motormouth fat-heads than I had when I first posted this.


Now I find myself ashamed of liking the first two Terminator movies because the guy who made them, James Cameron, is such a doofus.

Quick, quick, everybody! Get your gender reassigned before it’s the end o’ the world! Give government fantastic sweeping powers! Holy Mother Gaea demands it!

False gods always demand more of us than the real God ever has.

UK Labour Party: Socialism on Steroids

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It’s really not hard to imagine this happening here. In fact, it’s quite easy to imagine this same bilge being spouted by any Democrat presidential candidate.

British Labour Party bigwig John McDonnell, pushing for a Labour majority in Parliament, says a Labour government will ban companies from the London Stock Exchange for “failing to act on Climate Change” (https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/11/20/climate-hysteria-labour-ban-companies-stock-exchange-failing-act-climate-change/). We are free to wonder what “action” would meet with his approval.

But he doesn’t want to stop at letting the government decide who can buy and sell stocks and who can’t. He’s also taking aim at a massive “redistribution” scheme which would supposedly do away with “billionaires.”

“No one needs or deserves that much money. It is obscene,” he says. Deserves? The government’s going to decide how rich you’re allowed to be?

Well, yeah–McDonnell has another plan to give the government the authority to fix wages and salaries. You’ll earn no more than the government thinks you should earn.

Who does he think he is–Bernie Sanders? Elizabeth Warren? Can anyone explain the difference between them and him? Can anyone even see the difference?

Freedom is fragile, and there’s always someone eager to take it away from others. Politics is one of Original Sin’s favorite playgrounds.

Beware all that free stuff held out to you by socialism. It comes with a very high price tag.

The Nanny State’s ‘Common Sense’

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I heard someone on the radio today defending New York ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s various bans–large sodas, too much salt, smoking, etc.–as “common sense.”

“For all practical purposes,” the speaker argued, “we  have socialized medicine in New York City. If you get sick, we have to treat you. But why should we have to pay all that money treating medical problems that people have brought on themselves by doing things that aren’t good for their health? It’s really just common sense to ban those things.” (I am simplifying here, but that’s the argument: I’ve heard it before, and so have you.)

It seems to be common sense; but the question that must arise is, “Well, then, where do you stop?”

How intrusive do you want the government to be? If it’s going to ban unhealthy actions–eating too much fast food, drinking too much soda, what have you–why not mandate healthful behavior? Wouldn’t that save a lot of money? Go to bed at such-and-such a time. Get up in time to do your mandatory calisthenics. If you have to go anywhere, walk or ride your bike. And we’ll check to make sure you do those things. We’ll hire a whole army of busybodies to keep tabs on you.

I think the term for that kind of life is “dystopia.” Or “perpetual childhood.” If that’s common sense, they can keep it.


Coach Suspended… for Winning

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Too much success! Forbidden!

If you ever thought there could be anything too trivial, too unimportant, for government to stick its nose into, think again.

A high school football coach in New York has been suspended after his Plainedge team defeated South Side H.S., 61-13 (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/02/nyregion/football-coach-suspended-sportsmanship.html). Both teams had been undefeated, going into the game; so a blowout would hardly be expected, but that’s what happened.

Aha! But Nassau County has a rule against lopsided high school football victories–and a special “panel” to deal with that very thing. Winning by more than 42 points is not allowed. Bad coach! Bad football players! You scored too many points! Don’t you know that that’s a very naughty thing to do?

So what are you supposed to do, if you’re the coach and your team is 42 points ahead with half the game yet to go? You could pull your starters and play your scrubinis–but what if they get inspired, and score a touchdown? Bad on you!

Or you could order your team to employ the “See No Evil” Defense, in which the defending players stand perfectly still with their hands over their eyes, singing “I am a Rock, I am an Island” while the other team runs plays.

Or the stupid county could just plug in a simple rule: the moment one team gets 42 points ahead, the game is automatically over, the leading team wins.

I used to like football. Now I look at it with the same mix of puzzlement and horror that one feels for certain long-expired relationships–the kind that have you muttering to yourself, “What in the world did I ever see in So-and-So?”

Vote for… This?

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We have an election in our town next week. There is no Republican Party in our town. Democrats run unopposed. God help us.

I’ll be there, though, to vote against a public question: the school board’s “Proposal for Additional Funds.” Let me give it to you from the ballot.

“Resolved that there shall be raised an additional $700,000.00 for General Funds in the 2019-2020 School Year. These taxes will be used exclusively to provide a district wide Mental Health/Emotional Support Program, including appropriate staff and services, intervention, professional development, benefits and related costs. Approval of these taxes will result in a permanent increase in the district’s tax levy. These proposed additional expenditures are in addition to those necessary to achieve the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.”

Now, what do you want to bet the poor ignorant voters approve this freakin’ thing? The school district already got its budget passed, but now they want more money–$700 G’s.

Something about this vaguely-worded proposal cries out “Mischief!” Whom will they decide needs “mental health intervention”? Who needs their “emotional support,” and why? What kind of support? And so on.

Educators can’t be trusted. Why do they get to take our money, then go ahead and hire anyone they please to teach our children whatever commie crapola they wish? And why are we so supine, as to submit to this? Sheesh, all King George wanted was a stamp tax, and we ran him right out of America for it.

Let me be blunt. My strong suspicion is that this money will be used to promote and advance transgenderism. But people don’t want to know that, because then they’d have to come up with some reason for leaving their kids in those schools.

If our civilization ever collapses, on its tombstone will be written, “Educated themselves to death.”

New York’s Homeless Problem: Solved! (Sort Of)

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(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Waddaya do if your city’s full of homeless people?

Just ship ’em to another city! (https://nypost.com/2019/10/26/nyc-homeless-initiative-sends-people-across-us-without-telling-receiving-cities/)

Of course, there is one teeny-weeny little problem with that: some other city might not want your homeless people. So you have to do this secretly.

Since 2017 New York has shipped its homeless to 373 cities in 32 states, going as far as Honolulu, Hawaii, under its “Special One-Time Assistance Program” (SOTA). New York taxpayers have paid out $89 million in rents–they ship you out with a year’s free rent, but otherwise you’re on your own: if you need food stamps, health care, whatever, you’ve got to get it from your new city.

Mayors and council members of the unsuspecting host cities, once they found out that New York has been unloading its homeless population on them, have responded with incredulity. After the shock wears off, they get mad. It’s against the law, see, to pass off your welfare dependents onto someone else for them to pick up the tab. There will be civil suits over this–and maybe criminal prosecutions. Imagine if New York sends someone who’s violently insane to some little city in Kentucky, and this person butchers the family next door.

And some of the homeless “families” come back to New York after their rent money is spent.

If one country did this to another, it would be an act of war. Unless it’s Mexico doing it to the United States. Then it’s OK.


‘When the Government Raids Your Bank Account’ (2013)

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Trying to get their money out of the bank before the government does

Remember this? In 2013 the government of Cyprus raided people’s bank accounts… to pay off, they said, an EU bailout. Whose accounts got raided to pay for the bailout in the first place?


It’s a pretty scary thought, really: if the government needs money, it can just go out and rob the bank. It can just take your money.

Put Democrats back in power, and watch it happen here.

Britain’s Anti-White Pogrom

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They can’t catch real criminals, but they’re death on “haters”

What is wrong with the people of Britain? Why do they submit to this?

British police forces have launched an “anti-hate” campaign in which they urge “minorities”–apparently only “minorities” can be hated–to “report hateful behavior,” “even if it isn’t a crime” and, of course, “you don’t even need evidence” (https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/10/20/uk-police-tell-public-report-hateful-behaviour-even-if-it-isnt-a-crime-you-dont-even-need-evidence/). Evidence, schmevidence. As we learned in the Brett Kavanagh confirmation hearings, for the Far Left Crazy, the accusation is the evidence.

In the instructional cartoons bandied about by the police, all the “haters” are white and all the poor downtrodden victims are Muslims or sexual deviants. Is that because it’s not possible to “hate” white people, because we all deserve it? The cartoons depict white people violently attacking women in hijabs, etc., while ignoring violent attacks on whites by members of privileged and cherished minorities.

Britain, your own ruling class, your masters, are doing to you what Hitler couldn’t do with all the bombs he dropped on London. And you’re just sitting there and taking it. What’s the matter with you?

Of course, the same thing could happen here tomorrow or this afternoon. But then maybe it’d be a good thing if we could have the police launched at us and our lives destroyed without the slightest shred of evidence. We’re all Brett Kavanaghs–the accusation is the evidence.

Liberal leaders–eating their people alive.

‘Canada Won’t Let You Know the Truth About Vampires’ (2013)

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Telling the truth is not allowed in Canada, if the truth is “hateful.”


Don’t be too surprised if Canada gets overrun with vampires someday. But isn’t a plague of vampires a small price to pay for engineering “hate” out of the system? I mean, if they can’t order people’s emotions, what’s the point of anybody being in the government?

When College Students **Don’t** Want Socialism

Socialist Youth: Are Americans Morphing Into Europeans?

Let’s hear it for “education”

Public education has succeeded in its mission as a “change agent.” Lots and lots of young people now say they’re in favor of “socialism”–they don’t know what it is, but they’re in favor of it–and would rather live in a socialist country than a capitalist one. Most of them think “government should do more to solve problems.” Government should DO SOMETHING! We want ACTION! We want CHANGE!

But how would college students like some of their Grade Point Average “redistributed”? Uh… they wouldn’t like that at all. (https://danieljmitchell.wordpress.com/2019/03/30/young-people-reject-socialism-in-the-classroom/)

They draw the line at socialism actually coming into their classrooms and sawing off chunks of their GPAs. They believe they’ve earned those grades! That they put in the time studying, cramming, going to class instead of cutting, and that their grades are, as it were, their wages. They wouldn’t like to see the fruit of their labors taken away from them and doled out to layabouts who didn’t earn good grades.

For grades, boys ‘n’ girls, read “paychecks.” ‘Cause that’s how government “solves problems.” It takes your money that you worked for, that you earned. And uses it to set up new bureaucracies that provide jobs and pensions for government employees but somehow, comrades, the poor stay poor! Guess they didn’t take enough.

So, yeah, they want CHANGE and ACTION, all right–but not if it comes out of their hides.

And it will, honey-chile, it will… It always does.

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