The Great Measles Scare of 2019

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Hey! Does anyone remember the Great Measles Scare of… 2019! That’s right–just a single year before the total COVID freak-out.

In California, UCLA and Cal State LA both required quarantine for students who couldn’t prove they’d been vaccinated for measles. One UCLA student came down with measles. One. But the state of California panicked (

Over in New York City, judges imposed a “mandatory” measles vaccine. Several communities refused to obey. Mayor “DeBlasio” (real name: Warren Wilhelm) threatened to close down synagogues–permanently!–unless he got his way. But nothing came of that.

Nationwide, in a population of over 300 million, there were 555 (!) cases of measles.

Because measles has long been a common childhood disease that few people had any reason to take seriously, governments largely failed to whip up a measles panic. They had to wait for King COVID to come along: then they could seize the power that they wanted. It worked because COVID is new and people were deathly afraid of it.

And that was the last we heard of the measles epidemic.

Meanwhile, we have never been told why we have to treat COVID as the most fearsome disease ever encountered, fully justifying the shut-down of whole national economies and all sorts of draconian restrictions laid upon us to fight it.

We are still waiting for that explanation. But then we aren’t quite sure where COVID came from and how it got loose, are we?

Abolishing Adulthood

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Wasn’t the National Health supposed to make everybody… healthy?

Well, obviously letting people be responsible for their own well-being just isn’t working–not in Britain, at least: certainly not in Britain.

The “Conservative” (?) prime minister, Boris Johnson, wants his government to start up a kind of “social credit” system, a la Red China, in which the government would track your grocery purchases and “reward” you for “healthier” choices by handing out discounts and… oh, God… “loyalty points” (

‘Cause if they don’t, they’ve got this obesity epidemic that somehow the National Health system has proved powerless to stop. So of course the answer has to be more government. More, more, more!

If this is what a Conservative government does, what would a left-wing British government do? Force everyone to eat Soylent Green?

Inspired by the humanist lust to play God (I initially typed that as “inspidered”: maybe should’ve left it that way), the UK government seems hell-bent on abolishing adulthood and turning Britain into a nation of perpetual toddlers.

If I close my eyes and count to three real loud, and click my heels together… will I wake up?

‘UK Says “Yes” to Designer Babies’ (2018)

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(Gee–zero comments to start the day. No one has anything to say. How can that be?)

Yowsah, yowsah! As long as you don’t do anything to increase the “inequality” we already have in society, you can genetically modify human babies to your heart’s content–the UK government says so.

UK Says ‘Yes’ to Designer Babies

How do you “make” someone smarter, taller, handsomer, whatever, and not “add to inequality”? And where is it written that everybody has to be “equal”–and who decides what “equal” is?

One of these days our humanist governments are simply going to kill and eat us.

Door to Door… for Vaccination?

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Unspecified “volunteers” will be “literally knocking on doors” to get people vaccinated for King COVID, according to the man who claims to be our president (

Who are these people who’ll be knocking on our doors? We don’t know, do we? Someone “from the government”? Criminals looking for likely houses to rob? Left-wing fanatics who’ll harass us? Assorted “volunteers” from “community groups” we never heard of?

The potential for abuse is toweringly high.

And there will be doors that you’d be well-advised to leave alone, if you knew who’d answer your knock.

Why are we treating this as the most deadly and scariest disease in history, fully justifying all kinds of draconian measures? I mean, gee, we practically shut down our economy last year! Both the government and the nooze media did their level best to scare the schiff out of us.

What is the explanation for this, and why have we never heard it?

But going door to door… this might be the worst idea they’ve had yet.

The Humanist Burqa

UK Face Masks: This Is Why Britain's Attitude Is Changing Fast

The face mask Mandate–mandates are so much more fun than legislation, aren’t they?–has been lifted, here in New Jersey; but when I went grocery-shopping this morning, I saw most of the people in the store still wearing them. And by now we all know there are lots of folks out there saying they’ll never stop wearing them.

Do they enjoy it that much? No. Tinhorn tyrants and a shoddy and dishonest nooze media have scared them silly. And they’re still scared.

Women in radical Muslim nations are compelled to cover themselves so thoroughly that you can only see their eyes. Their garment is called a burqa.

The face masks adopted by the Western world are the humanist version of the burqa. “Give us absolute power over every aspect of your lives, obey us without asking questions… and we’ll make sure you never get sick!”

There’s no longer any actual need for the face masks–if there ever was one–the CDC says we don’t need them anymore (until the next Big Germ crops up)… and yet people are still wearing them, even outdoors.

We passed a school on the way to the store. A bunch of kids were sitting outside on the grass, engaged in some activity or other. All of them were maskless–except one.

What was the point of this little boy continuing to wear the mask, when no one else was wearing one? I think it was because his parents are still scared. Too much TV, too much Dr. Fauci. And maybe a bit of left-wing virtue signalling.

They have truly done a number on us; and it remains to be seen what, if anything, we’ve learned from it.

Death Penalty for… Watching Music Videos??

Kim Jong Un Gets a Promotion, Gives His Sister a Demotion - WSJ

I don’t think I want to know what he’s clapping for.

Communism! An inexhaustible fountain of fun.

North Korea’s communist dictator, Kim Jong Un, got the train of chuckles rolling recently when he prescribed 15 years in a labor camp as the penalty for listening to “K-Pop”–music, videos, TV and movies produced in South Korea ( Soon this’ll be the only country in the world where you can plea-bargain down to a death sentence.

Dreamboy called K-Pop “a vicious cancer” and inveighed against the hair and clothing styles popular among K-Pop fans.

Gee. I don’t have much use for rock ‘n’ roll, but I wouldn’t kill people over it.

Oddly enough, K-Pop fans seem to be pretty far to the left themselves–more fool them. And they’re said to be highly media-savvy. I think that’s a euphemism for not knowing a blessed thing besides cyber-gizmos.

The real mystery is why libs throughout the Western world think communism’s cool and would like to have it ruling their own countries. What would ever make them think that?

‘Your FBI Is On the Job’ (2014)

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Achtung! Verboten!

When they’re not helping the Deep State remove a duly elected president, the FBI likes to dabble in what can only be called acts of irrational tyranny. Like this one:

Your FBI Is On The Job

I don’t know about you, but I could hardly sleep at night, knowing that a 91-year-old man in Indiana had set up a museum of his lifetime’s travels, featuring mementos and souvenirs from all over the world. We can all breath a sigh of relief, now that the FBI has sent armed agents to break in and confiscate all his stuff.

My aunts had a lot of little knickknacks from wherever. Somehow the FBI missed them.

Quickie contest: Name one federal agency that wasn’t warped and corrupted by the Obama administration.

Betcha can’t!

At Least They Knocked

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The cops came back to Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s church… and he chased them away again. (Please excuse the puppy picture. It’s there for a reason.)

They returned to his Church, this time with SWAT members — The chills begin at 2:29…

The headline says it’s a SWAT team, but I didn’t see a SWAT team. Fair-sized bunch of cops, though. In black uniforms, etc. That might intimidate some people; but not Pastor Pawlowski. He refuses to listen to whatever it is they’re demanding of the church, he chastises them for coming while religious services are in progress, and again he chases them away. “I do not cooperate with the Gestapo!” he declares.

This is the second time he’s had to do this. The first time he told them not to come back without a warrant. I didn’t see a warrant this time. And they did finally leave.

In China they’d have made him disappear already. Canada isn’t there yet.

Pawlowski exhorted Canadians and Americans to “come to their senses while there is still time… or you’re going to be swallowed up by those people. Wake up or else!” See the video for his whole speech to the camera.

Liberty is a lady with a price on her head. Governments all over the world are trying to hunt her down and put her away. It’s hyper-humanism morning, noon, and night.

We appeal to the Judge of all the earth.

Let the Government Choose Your Livelihood!

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I’m so excited by Secretary of State Whatsisname’s promise! “We’ll provide our fellow Americans with pathways to new, sustainable livelihoods.” Pure genius!

See, it’s gotta be done Because Climbit Change. We’re all gonna need new jobs: after all, we can’t all be rioters. We can’t even all write cowboy poetry.

But we can all lug big stones around and pile them into heaps. Someday you’ll be able to get a Ph. D. in that. And certainly we can all spy on each other and report every discouraging, disloyal, demoralizing word to the government. And we’ll need a lot more prison guards.

First you’ll have to go to college–universal free tuition, of course: and don’t worry about the cost, they can just print more money–and then you can go on to a sustainable career of swabbing out bathtubs or raking the lawns of Really Important People. You might even wind up working for a social media influencer!

People will also be compensated for standing in line all day, which is a very sustainable activity, and you can make extra cash for attending Biden rallies, even when The Big Guy himself forgets to show up.

And you won’t need to earn much money because, as might be expected, Climbit Change will make it obsolete to live in houses that you own, drive cars, stay up after sundown, or say things the government thinks you shouldn’t say. Hey, how much money can it cost to live in a cardboard crate? And think how close you’ll feel to Mother Gaea!

And once Climbit Change is over, and there are no more germs in the environment, they’ll give us all our freedoms back!

But only if you still want them.

Coming Soon to a Government Near You…

Communist China's Painful Human Rights Story | Council on Foreign Relations

No mistaken opinions allowed!

Ain’t technology grand!

Communist China has unveiled a new app “for reporting mistaken opinions” (  As one government official said, “We hope that most internet users will play an active role in supervising society.”

Oh, boy. Get the whole country ratting out each other.

The app was designed by a government agency, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC).

The Chicoms want people to report each other for “denying Party… in an attempt to confuse people’s thinking.” They’ll solve that problem by erasing people’s thinking. Any criticism–er, “misinformation” (Gee, that sounds familiar!)–of the state, the party, of Chinese history, or any action taken by the government is to be reported.

That smacking sound you hear is Western leftids licking their chops in envy.

But at least there’s nothing in the least bit sinister about our sports leagues, Hollywood, and assorted politicians and academics totally selling out to China. It’s for our own good, don’t you know. Socialist paradise. Everybody on the same page, all the time. Or else.

We have nothing left but our prayers; and we’d better use them.