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So Who Gets to Live in Your House?

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This fantastic example of government overreach was a story I covered for Chalcedon’s magazine back in 2010.


A local government “fair housing” agency in Michigan cut loose on a woman for advertising, on her church’s bulletin board, for a Christian roommate to live with her in the house that she owned. This was construed as some kind of hate crime.

But the case turned out to be a hot potato, much too hot to handle. The state civil rights agency tossed it to the federal government and the federal government quickly tossed it out the window–because they were getting phone calls, letters, and blog posts in a storm of public protest that they couldn’t stand.

Imagine that–some puffed-up local tinpot bureaucrat trying to dictate to you who you can or can’t have living in your own house. All in the interests of “diversity,” of course–you’ll thank us for it later on.

Thankfully it was way too big a bite for the state or the feds to chew; they very nearly choked on it.

But to this day the local Mussolinis who started it still aren’t talking.

‘The Cultural Wrecking Ball: Government’ (2014)

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One of the reasons why I’m a Christian instead of an atheist is that I can see with my own eyes how “post-Christian culture” is melting down the world I live in. Much if this demolition is performed by government, when it’s controlled by liberals.


Here’s a little bit more damage they were doing in Louisiana a few years ago. At the time I got trolled pretty good for writing about it.

No one has ever explained why anything like this is a good idea.

‘Ezekiel Emanuel: We’re Living Too Long’ (2014)

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Do you ever get the impression The Smartest People in the World are always looking for an excuse to bump us off? Like this, from four years ago:


The idea seems to be, “We get to decide how long you live,” and, like, shut up about it because we’re so much smarter than you and we gotta manage the world for its own good, blah-blah-blah.

Really, people: if these leftids ever again take control of our country, we won’t get a second chance. The next Obama will be Stalin.

‘Feds Want to Know if You’re Depressed’ (2016)

Here’s yet another reminder of the kind of bullet we dodged on Election Day, 2016. Mandatory screening for depression? By the federal government? Hot dog! (https://leeduigon.com/2016/02/29/feds-want-to-know-if-youre-depressed/)

Now that would be depressing.

The midterm elections will be here before you know it, and we had all better got out there and do our level best to keep Democrats from ever again taking control over the country. We let ’em take New Jersey last year, and guess what? They’re preparing to raise our taxes and slap us with New Jersey’s very own Obamacare “mandate tax.” Don’t let this happen to you! Friends don’t let friends vote for Democrats.

Kumquat Alert! (‘State Goes Ballistic,’ 2016)

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Remember this? The North Carolina Dept. of Motor Vehicles freaks out over a license plate that says “kumquats.” Apparently some ijjit complained that “kumquat” is Racist or something. Maybe it’s coded language for Climbit Change Denial.


At the very least it’s Cultural Appropriation. I think.

‘Do Centaurs Speak Esperanto?’ (2014)

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Back when I wrote this harmless little satire, that’s all it was. Real life has had four years to catch up to it, and I’m afraid they’re almost neck and neck by now.


‘No Reincarnation Without a License’ (2013)


Communism sometimes likes to call itself “scientific socialism” (if you will allow personification as a rhetorical device), and the official religion of communism is atheism.

So why do you have to get a permit from the Chinese communist government before you can be reincarnated?

Something about this just doesn’t compute.

Crime! Teaching Dog to be a Nazi

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But can he goose-step?

A man in Scotland, loosely described as a “YouTube comedian,” has been convicted of a hate crime… for allegedly teaching his girlfriend’s little pug dog to make a Nazi salute (http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/03/21/youtube-comedian-convicted-hate-crime-after-teaching-nazi-salute-to-dog.html). The, er, authorities called it “grossly offensive,” and have set April 23 as his sentencing date.

“Achtung, Sturmbannfuhrer Bowser! Where are those tanks I ordered?”


How ridiculous is this? Ooh! It’s a violation of the Communications Act! Government must approve all communications!

It ought to lead to some intriguing conversations among inmates of the Big House.

“So what are you in for?” asks the armed robber.

“Teaching my girlfriend’s dog to be a Nazi.”

Who are the fascists here, anyway?

The guy says it was just a joke. In poor taste, yes. But if they’re going to start jailing everybody who tells a joke that’s in poor taste, well–!

A trivial story, you might say. But crazed government grows not by leaps and bounds, but by one tiny little step after another.

Obama Legacy: War on Cigars

The thought that somewhere, somehow, someone might be happy is a real downer for anyone in government. So on his way out the door, President *Batteries Not Included had his Food and Drug Administration cook up a few hundred regulations against high-end cigars. No legislation was involved. I mean, really, legislation is so passe

As cigar magnate Rocky Patel told Tucker Carlson, “You don’t see kids sitting around the schoolyard chain-smoking premium cigars.” Brother, you don’t see me smoking premium cigars! Likening them to fine wine or single-malt scotch gives you an idea what these cigars are all about. I had a box of Don Diegos once, many years ago. Rocky’s telling it like it is.

And these stupid regulations threaten the whole industry. Maybe a lawsuit can save it. Maybe President Trump can wipe out these stupid regulation as he’s wiped out others. Maybe even Congress might venture a tiny bit of legislation–dare we hope?

Well, excuse me for the nonce (another hinky word I felt like using today). I’m going to stand out in the snow and have a cigar.


Forcing You to Go to College???

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(Thanks to Linda for the news tip.)

I was going to wait till I calmed down a bit before I commented on this, but I think that might take too long.

New Mexico is considering legislation to force every high school student to apply to at least one college as a requirement for graduation (https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2018/02/02/new-mexico-could-be-first-state-to-force-students-to-apply-for-college/).

This is, of course, nothing more than a jobs program for “educators.” And it’s bipartisan! That means it’s good, right? Like, the Evil Party and the Nothing Party have actually gotten together to sponsor this, so how could it be wrong?

This really is the limit.

Uh, what if you don’t want to go to college? What if you want to do something useful with your life–like, for instance, become a skilled auto mechanic–instead of sitting in a classroom “learning” about White Privilege?

This is only further evidence of how deeply our governing class despises us and just can’t stop gnawing at our liberties.

For crying out loud! There are already too many colleges and looniversities, too many overpaid and over-pensioned educators, and way, way, way too many young people going to college and having their minds turned into mush! We need to defund and shrink the bloated absurdity called “higher education,” not expand it even more.

This is a shameful and preposterous proposal, and it must be defeated.

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