I seen “‘The Hand-Made’s tail'”!

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Oh man! thay shoed us a movy yeasterdday in Gender Studies 666 and it “was” caled The Hand-Made’s Tail and “it” jist blowed me aweiy!! Like i dint Know this hear stuff Was “going on” but It “is” axackly what yiu wuld Aspect fromb them No-Good christins whoo votted for Trumpt!!! i wasnt supprized at al! this is Waht is hapening in al the Red States in Fly Over contry!!

i had a promble tryin to figger Out what was Hand-Made and i “was” aslo confuzed becose i dint seee nobody “whith” a Tail but that i suposed Was jist the movy being Suttle! Maybbe it Was thare clothes that was Hand-Made,, thay looked like it!!

i dint Know them christins thay be so meen to Wimmins!! thay get the wimmins preganent agin and agin and thay dont Let them get a bortion!!! This hear is jist waht Hapens wenn Repubicans thay get Ellectid!! It wuld not be hapening if we Hadd Hillery for Pressadint and that Is becose that Trump he Collided with the Russhins!!!! it jist gose to Show yiu how bad this crumby contry needs Socile Jutstus Wirer and Auntyfa to cleen it “up”!!

So wee Are all Pumpt Up to putt a Stop “to” al This and the Prefesser she sayed we has to get it Done reel “soon” imbediantly by Trans Gendring al the Peple and makeing chritinanity aginst The Law so thay cant “Do” this to Wimmins no moar!!!

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    1. In “The Handmaid’s Tale,” global infertility has been caused by… STDs! Let’s see them blame “Christian theonomy” for that!

  1. Aha, two items of note in the article: (1) “The measure was drafted with the aim of reversing declines in college enrollment across the state, which fell nearly 14 percent from 155,065 enrolled students in 2010 to 133,830 in 2016.” and (2) “’We just need to make sure that the schools are funded well enough that there is a counselor or a person who can help each student,’ said Betty Patterson, president of the National Education Association-New Mexico union representing more than 8,500 school employees.”

    In other words, it’s all about money, not about students.

    1. Oops, this was supposed to be a response to Linda’s article, not to Joe’s profound and (as always) well-written review of the “Hand-Made’s Tail.”

  2. Joe Collige’s heroes in the MSM had a cow a year ago when President Trump claimed the Obama Administration had tapped his phones at the Trump Tower by ridiculing him in the strongest ways possible. Now that the Nunes Memo has been released what they are saying, if you read between the lines, is it was okay for the Obama Administration to try to get Hillary elected – no problem with that!

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